‘He just hit me at full power’: Dramatic footage shows hunt saboteurs being driven at by men in balaclavas on a quad bike who threaten to shoot them

This emotional video catches the minute a gathering of campaigners were driven at by veiled men on quad bicycles as they endeavored to upset a close-by hunt.
The saboteurs had gone to visit Badsworth what’s more, Bramham Field Dogs Chase on the last meet of the season in Womersley, North Yorkshire, concurring to a social media post by the campaigners. 
The gathering guaranteed they hindered the chase by calling the dogs off their scent, including that at one point a supporter ‘took a swing’ at one of their heads with a strolling stick.
But the campaigners said the day ‘turned nasty’ at the point when they were trapped by a veiled quad bicycle rider as they crossed a field towards an zone of woodland.
Shocking film of the experience appears the quad bicycle over and again driving towards the saboteurs as they run for cover. At one point, the driver shows up to be debilitating to shoot the campaigners. 
There is no recommendation that the quad bikers were associated to the Chase in any way. The video was transferred to the Sheffield Saboteurs Facebook page.
A quad bicycle was caught speeding towards three of the saboteurs as they crossed the field, driving them to bounce out of the way. 
The cameraman is heard saying: ‘Quad bicycle driving at us, totally unprovoked’, as the driver turns the vehicle around what’s more, starts heading back towards the group. 
At one point the traveler is seen coming to out at two of the saboteurs, as in the event that to strike them. 
Terrified, the campaigners begin to run towards the forest for cover. 
As they pass the quad bicycle one of the men is heard saying: ‘Get that weapon off! Get that weapon off. Quick. Get the gun.’

The quad bicycle makes one last drive-by what’s more, impacts with the cameraman ‘at full power’, concurring to the analysis on the video. 
As the saboteurs stagger into the woodland, the cameraman says: ‘They just endeavored to run us over what’s more, at that point they turned what’s more, hit us. They were hitting us as they drove past’. 
But the experience did not stop the campaigners from seeking after the Chase for the rest of the day. 
The Facebook post adds: ‘It didn’t degrade us from our work for as well long what’s more, we overseen to keep the chase moving for the rest of the day.’

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