Pensioner charged with deliberately driving into marquee at charity ball – leaving 14 injured

A pensioner has been charged with intentionally driving into a marquee where 300 individuals were going to a philanthropy ball. 
Businessman Dwindle Bialek, 66, from Wiltshire, professedly harmed 14 people, eight of them seriously, in the episode at Dene Farm, Hampshire in October 2014.
He was charged at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court this morning with three checks of appalling real hurt with purpose what’s more, one check of real hurt by wanton or, on the other hand angry driving, what’s more, was discharged on bail.    
Guests at the Under Clobber occasion on October 3 depicted the episode as being ‘like a bomb going off’.
One said: ‘There were tables, chairs, cutlery everywhere. There was blood on the floor what’s more, individuals were being secured in blankets’.
The auto drove through the ball at about 11pm. It is held twice per year what’s more, facilitated by agriculturist Nigel Pond, who welcomes visitors to bring their claim sustenance what’s more, drink.
Describing the scene, a man who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘The auto turned around what’s more, at that point went forward what’s more, all of a sudden it went straight through the tent.
‘It gotten the table closest the entrance hitting parts of individuals on the move floor, what’s more, it took another five tables out.
‘There were at minimum 12 individuals on the ground being treated. Individuals were shouting what’s more, my spouse saw one chap go straight over the hat of the car. 
Another anonymous man added: ‘It’s a genuine shame. Tables what’s more, seats what’s more, individuals were thumped over what’s more, everybody who was Alright was looking after the injured.  
‘There were an terrible parcel of others who were knock what’s more, bruised. It was such a disgrace since the party was just kicking off.’  
A representative for South Focal Emergency vehicle Benefit eight ambulances were sent to the scene.
They too dispatched their risky zone reaction group what’s more, three additional officers.  
Bialek, who possesses CB Skips in Salisbury, will show up at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court once more on April 19.

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