Is Costa ripping you off? Viral online video appears to show how regular and large cups hold the SAME amount of coffee

A manufacturer decided to demonstrate he is no mug has conveyed out an experiment apparently showing how his large cup of espresso from Costa fits into a regular-sized one.
In a video posted on Facebook, the English man is appeared on a building site having obtained a steaming drink from one of the espresso chain’s self-serve express machines.
Convinced he what’s more, his companion are being tricked into paying an additional 30p for the same sum of espresso each morning, the manufacturer pours his obviously large-sized latte in to a regular-sized cup. 
The unidentified man gives a running critique all through the experiment, in which he focuses out how he needed to find how far his additional 30p was going each morning.
He says: ‘Right. Costa coffee, in the morning. Parts of builders; we purchase Costa espresso glasses in the morning, what’s more, we’ve taken note an increment in cost in 30p between the standard estimate what’s more, the large.
‘Not that 30p is a parcel of money, be that as it may what we’ve done is buy a large, pleasant what’s more, steamy, pleasant what’s more, hot, what’s more, we are going to see what the real contrast is.
‘So we’re going to pour, without spilling any, the extensive into the standard just to see what our 30p gets us different.’
Sure enough, the huge cup, which is filled a centimeter or, on the other hand two from the brim, fills all of the littler container. 
He adds: ‘Right. As you can see, that entirety extensive glass of Costa espresso purchased from the machine has gone into that standard cup.’
The cut closes with the man exclaiming: ‘There you go, nation of England, the standard what’s more, the extensive are in fact precisely the same size. Whoops Costa, gracious dear.’
It is uncertain in the video what precisely the manufacturer has requested what’s more, from where, what’s more, regardless of whether the additional 30p speaks to an additional shot of espresso as contradicted to more milk.
A representative for Costa said: ‘Costa can guarantee clients that at the point when buying a expansive (16oz) Costa drink you are getting an additional shot of espresso what’s more, an extra 4oz of drink, thought about to a (12oz) customary size.
‘We never fill any estimate drink to the top of the glass in arrange to anticipate our clients or, on the other hand baristas getting burnt.’

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