Martin Sheen to produce documentary series attempting to show that OJ Simpson is INNOCENT of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman

A new OJ Simpson appear is in the works from Emmy-winning on-screen character Martin Sheen.
The six-part docuseries will debut early next year on Examination Revelation what’s more, will take another look at the case, which finished in 1995 with a jury finding Simpson not blameworthy of murder.
Sheen said the arrangement will set out to ask; ‘What in the event that there were enough confirm that demonstrated O.J. Simpson did not kill his ex-wife Nicole or, on the other hand Ron Goldman? What on the off chance that the genuine executioner were still at large? What’s more, finally, what in the event that a fabulous jury gathered to rethink the case based on new evidence?’
They are calling the arrangement Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent.
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The Hollywood Correspondent composes that Examination ID grabbed up the arrangement after a warmed offering war.
The arrangement will not be shoddy either concurring to ID Gathering president Henry Schleiff, who said; ‘To do it correctly, to go on location, to meet all the individuals in what is basically a brand-new story implies it’s expensive.
‘The watcher may concur or, on the other hand oppose this idea with the evidence, or, on the other hand the point of this series, yet it raises extremely authentic questions, what’s more, that’s what we’re in the business of doing.’
Sheen joined up with William C. Dear to pitch what’s more, make the series, the private agent who composed the book O.J. Is Pure what’s more, I Can Demonstrate It.
‘I’m trusting that at the point when we do this series, the confirm ought to be more than enough to get a great jury indictment,’ said Dear. 
‘If I fulfill that, I will have fulfilled a incredible bargain in my life. I’ve done the best I can what’s more, I’m energized about the certainty that at last I can get it out there.’
Dear as of now overseen to persuade one individual at the point when he what’s more, Sheen pitched the appear to Schleiff.
‘Like most others I had continuously accepted that the confirm appeared that [O.J.] did it,’ said Schleiff.
‘I went into this with a enormous sum of question what’s more, cynicism, be that as it may this is so incredibly persuading that at the point when you do interface the specks what’s more, look at the new evidence, it made me acknowledge the reality that O.J. could as a matter of fact be innocent.’

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