‘It’s real money!’: The hilarious moment a woman REFUSES to accept $1,000 cash from the Today show’s Stevie Jacobs on live television

A lady has turned down $1,000 on live TV after she was advertised the money at a transport stop by Today appear meteorologist Stevie Jacobs.
The youthful lady was about to get on a transport in Brisbane at the point when Jacobs attempted to give away the wad of cash.
The Channel Nine breakfast moderator inquired her: ‘You’re on your way to work this morning or, on the other hand school?’
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When she did not reply, Jacobs at that point told her she could take home the $1,000 in his hands as part of the breakfast show’s Arbitrary Acts of Graciousness segment.
But to his amaze, the befuddled lady just shook her head what’s more, declined to take the money. 
‘You don’t need the $1,000?’ Jacobs said as he looked stunned what’s more, his co-presenters burst out chuckling back in the studio, with one have shouting in disbelief: ‘She won’t take it.’

Jacobs proceeded to press her to take the cash by consoling her what’s more, saying: ‘It’s genuine money.’
But the lady showed up to evade away from him what’s more, the camera.
Instead an deft elderly man ventured in to take the cash off Jacobs hands.
The meteorologist inquired him: ‘What would you do with a 1,000 bucks that has just been thumped back by someone else?’
‘Spend it well’ was the man’s basic reply. 

‘What are you going to spend it on, my friend?’ Jacobs asked.
‘A couple of bills,’ the man said. 
Jacobs complimented him on strolling away with the money some time recently turning to the camera what’s more, saying: ‘That is a to begin with. I have never seen that before.’ 

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