Shocking moment a couple makes out at a bar during an ARMED ROBBERY as suspects come within inches of them

An negligent couple made out amid an whole equipped burglary as three suspects entered a bar using handguns what’s more, holding benefactors at gunpoint.
Surveillance film appears the burglars coming inside inches of the couple, who proceed to kiss, without taking note what’s going on around them. 
Police reacted to the burglary at the Tap Motel in Billings, Montana, around 1.15am. 

The bar’s representatives what’s more, a few benefactors revealed two men what’s more, a lady had entered the bar showing handguns, agreeing to the Billings Gazette. 
A video of the burglary delineates a few supporters at the bar, counting the couple.
The video begins out with the couple sitting at a segment of the bar alone what’s more, making out. 
It at that point cuts to a vehicle that pulls up outside the bar conveying the three suspects.
The conceal burglars enter the bar pointing their handguns as the barkeep puts his hands in the air.

Meanwhile the couple proceed to kiss what’s more, make out, indeed as one of the looters comes around the counter what’s more, focuses the weapon straightforwardly at the bartender. 
Other benefactors can be seen in the film holding their hands up as another veiled suspect focuses a weapon at them. 
The suspect behind the counter rapidly takes the cash from the enroll as the second looter strolls inches close the couple who neglectfully proceed to kiss.
It’s not until the criminals take off the bar that the couple stops making out what’s more, looks around as the barkeep hits the alarm. 
The film appears at minimum five other individuals sitting at the bar amid the robbery. 
Surprisingly, not one of the burglars hindered the couple or, then again pointed their weapons at them as they made out.  

The suspects, who were wearing bandannas what’s more, gloves, cleared out the bar with an undisclosed sum of cash what’s more, have not been found. 

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