Cousin of murdered football star Zaevion Dobson, 12, is killed in a drive-by shooting after leaving an anti-gun violence basketball game held in his relative’s honor

A 12-year-old kid was murdered in a drive-by shooting just hours after going to an anti-gun viciousness ball amusement to respect his 15-year-old cousin, who passed on in a shooting in December. 
Jajuan Latham kicked the bucket of a gunfire wound to the head, Knoxville police said Sunday. 
He had gone to a ball diversion in respect of his cousin Zaevion Dobson, a rising Tennessee high school football star, who kicked the bucket while protecting his companions in a December shooting that drew consideration from President Barack Obama.
Authorities said Latham was in the back of his father’s stopped vehicle at Knoxville stop on Saturday at the point when shooting emitted between stop participants what’s more, inhabitants of two passing vehicles. 
Hubert Latham, Jajuan’s father, told WATE-TV that the match gone to the diversion prior that day at Fulton High School.

When the shooting happened around 9.46pm, Latham said the to start with thing he did was reach for his child as it were to figure it out ‘he’s not moving’.
He told reporters: ‘When I picked him up, that is at the point when I figured it out, what I seen, blood.’
Hubert said he hurried his child to the clinic what’s more, conveyed him into the crisis room.
But Jajuan passed on from his wounds two hours after he was shot.
‘It broke my heart 30 minutes afterward at the point when they came out what’s more, told me my child was dead,’Hubert told WATE.
The diversion, which was sorted out by previous College of Tennessee b-ball player Bobby Labyrinth, was held to empower Knoxville youth to end violence.
Four a long time back Labyrinth lost one of his close cousins to weapon viciousness what’s more, after hearing of Zaevion’s story, he knew he had to offer assistance out.
Maze told WATE-TV that he was ‘devastated’ what’s more, ‘hurt’ by the shooting.  
He said the reason of the occasion ‘was to shed light on a few of the things that has been happening in this community’. 
Maze said since of all the weapon brutality, he just ‘wanted to bring something positive to this range what’s more, to find out a kid that partaken what’s more, came out to bolster this occasion was murdered after what’s more, 12-years-old, you know, it’s just sad’. 
Jajuan what’s more, Zaevion’s mother, Zenobia, were in participation along with at minimum 200 individuals there for a cook-out.
Police Boss David Rausch, along with group ministers what’s more, other pioneers, held a news meeting Sunday arguing for offer assistance in finding suspects.
‘If you know who did this, tell us,’ Rausch said.
Rausch inquired for the group to step up, saying ‘we can’t cover any more kids’ since this is the ‘second blameless youthful individual in our group that has had his life finished by silly violence’, concurring to WVLT-TV. 
Police accept the shooting was posse related since there were parts of shell housings found at the scene.
Mayor Madeline Rogero too talked Sunday afternoon: ‘Our hearts what’s more, petitions go out to the family.’ 
Jajuan’s cousin, Fulton football player Zaevion, was lethally shot December 17 while ensuring companions from what authorities accepted was a gang-related shooting.
A 20-year-old suspect was captured on a weapons charge quickly afterward.
In December, Obama adulated Zaevion’s bravery in comments on weapon violence.
‘Zaevion Dobson passed on sparing three companions from getting shot. He was a legend at 15. What’s our pardon for not acting?’ the president said in a Twitter post.
Obama has campaigned Congress unsuccessfully for more tightly weapon laws since the fatal mass shooting three a long time back at Sandy Snare Rudimentary School in Connecticut.

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