Men’s underwear sales increase as more guys drop clothes for sexy selfies, industry expert says

Deals of men’s clothing are going up – what’s more, a few industry insiders say it’s a result of folks needing to look great at the point when they send out half-exposed selfies. 
Thanks to present day self-photographing men like provocative artist Adam Levine what’s more, hunky pop star Scratch Jonas – what’s more, in spite of James Franco’s scandalous, sweat-soaked clothing selfie from two a long time back – men’s underpants are getting to be vital design items.
‘As these youthful folks are sexting more they don’t need to be gotten in their granddad’s underwear,’ Robin Lewis, article executive of the industry bulletin The Robin Report, told the New York Post. 
According to numbers from the showcase look into organization NPD Gathering, men’s underpants deals were up 2 percent in the 12 months finishing in February 2016, the Post reported.
The NPD Group’s boss industry investigator, Marshal Cohen, said that implied ‘We are in an quickened development period.’ 
In the same period, the $4.1 billion men’s clothing industry changed in other ways, too: deals of undershirts went down 3 percent (after all, undershirt are not required for exposed chested selfies).  
And ladies, who purchased 65 percent of men’s clothing eight a long time prior, are presently behind as it were 35 percent of the purchases.
Earlier, Cohen told the Post, men’s clothing buys were ‘driven by replenishment.’ 
‘The versatile would have to wear out some time recently men would purchase new underwear,’ he said. 
But presently, selfie snapping men are evidently less troubled at paying $34 for a match of Mack Weldon boxer briefs, or, on the other hand $32 for a comparative combine from Calvin Klein.
Given this improvement, ‘It wouldn’t amaze me one bit in the event that Victoria’s Mystery extended into men’s underwear,’ Cohen told the Post.

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