EXCLUSIVE: Father and grandfather of Ohio massacre victims claims police are ignoring mystery ‘road rage’ attack on his grandson just a month before murders – and denies his family were involved in drugs

A man whose little girl what’s more, three grandchildren were among eight family individuals who were butchered as they rested today guaranteed a street seethe episode may have been behind the massacre.
Leonard Manley, 64, said he was maddened by law authorization disclosures that maryjane ‘growth operations’ were found at three of the four demise scenes.
In an selective meet with Every day Mail On the web, he said he knew nothing about the dope establishments revealed at the homes, yet said his family had been riven by strains what’s more, recriminations since the starting of the year.
His little girl Dana Rhoden, 37, what’s more, her youngsters Christopher Rhoden, 16, Hanna Rhoden, 19, Clarence ‘Frankie’ Rhoden, 20 were all killed in last Friday’s slaughter, along with four other relatives. One of them – Hannah Hazel Gilley, 20, was Frankie’s fiancee. 
And he said that his grandson Christopher had been included in a angry push a month prior with a lady on a thruway, close to the scenes of the murders, he said.
The adolescent was ‘slapped by a woman’ in the episode what’s more, his mother had demanded police record charges of ambush at a court at Waverley, Ohio, he said.
He guaranteed the charges were dropped without clarification what’s more, that he had brought up the conceivable intention in a meeting with Piketon sheriff Charles Peruser what’s more, Ohio lawyer general Mike DeWine.
It was DeWine who affirmed the weed discovery. 
Manley said the authorities had not given the thought to the street seethe revenge that he had trusted for.
Raising his clench hand what’s more, putting his pointer onto his thumb in the shape of a zero, he said: ‘That’s what they gave me back…they didn’t need to hear nothing.’
He added: ‘I inquired the sheriff’s office about the episode that happened a month back about my grandson at the point when a 40-year-old woman…hit him in the face.
‘He had wounding all down his face.’
He said his little girl Dana, Christopher’s mother, went to court, yet the case did not result in feelings against the offender.
But dangers were made a while later against his little girl what’s more, his child, he said.
The dangers had been recorded on a cell telephone what’s more, would be made accessible to the agents, he said.
Detectives are following a few lines of request counting claims that intensity against one of the casualties including a $3,000 annihilation derby auto may have powered tensions.
They unveiled the revelation of weed development at three of the four wrongdoing scenes.
It was affirmed that there were two pit bulls in one of the houses what’s more, that in another chickens were being reproduced for illegal chicken battling what’s more, betting operations.

But inquired on the off chance that his family was made up of tranquilize merchants, Manley, a tree feller, replied: ‘No.’
He included that his grandson made a living by working on autos what’s more, his little girl was not included in drugs at all.
‘I didn’t know anything about it [drugs]. We were a adoring family.’
Fighting back tears, he said: ‘My little girl would give you the shirt off her back. Everyone cherished her. She didn’t merit this.
‘She cherished her kids. She would have kicked the bucket for them. She worked everyday.
‘The rest of the family [her children] all appeared to be good…but I don’t know about the rest of them [the other victims].’
He said he had been stunned to learn of police alluding to three pot operations at three of the four homes where the murders took place.
‘I would battle anyone tooth or, on the other hand nail. My daughter’s name is being dragged through the mud what’s more, I don’t need it. A few of the police are a bundle of b***holes,’ he said.
‘If I have to, I am going to be find me a better legal counselor to make them take their words back. I was stunned [when I heard about the drugs].’
Asked what would be his message to the executioners, he said: ‘If they can live with it, I can as well. Yet it’s going to be on their still, small voice for the rest of their lives… It’s going to be on my inner voice for the rest of my life.’
His church minister Phil Fulton said: ‘Leonard is a great what’s more, fair man.
‘I feel exceptionally much for him what’s more, his family. This has been a loathsome thing to happen what’s more, I feel for them all.
‘They are appropriately terrified what’s more, no one truly knows why this happened. I have known them for a long time what’s more, I have never seen any drugs on them.’
The other expanded family individuals who passed on were Hannah Gilley, 20, Christopher Rhoden, Sr, 40, Christopher Rhoden, Jr., 16, Gary Rhoden, 38, what’s more, Kenneth Rhoden, 44.
Hannah Gilley what’s more, her life partner Clarence each had a child from past connections. Their youngsters were in their home yet saved by the shooter.
Leonard’s little girl Hanna had a child young lady four days some time recently the slaughter with the shooter too saving the baby’s life.
The assaults remain unexplained yet DeWine, the state lawyer general, has said that police are mindful of a danger made on Facebook to Christopher Roden Jr.

Ohio Lawyer General Mike DeWine told CBS News: ‘I’m mindful of the Facebook threat.
‘Every piece of data is profitable what’s more, our agents are absolutely taking that into consideration.’
On Sunday it was uncovered the Rhoden family were included in drugs what’s more, were developing marijuana.
Detectives revealed pot ‘grow operations’ in three of the four houses where the casualties were shot dead.
Police were moreover scouring forest around the rundown region for any further drugs.
Police accept there may be further confirm of tranquilize creation by the Rhoden family what’s more, are analyzing regardless of whether the slaughter was filled by a turf war.
Despite the uncovering of cannabis operations, Pike Province Sheriff Charles Peruser expressed that the family were not known to him through criminal movement what’s more, he had been an officer in the zone for more than 20 years. 
However it was too uncovered that in August 2012, a major weed developing site with more than 1,200 plants was discovered.
Police too found two surrendered campgrounds where Mexicans were accepted to have been staying.
It is obscure regardless of whether the operation is connected to the slayings, or, on the other hand regardless of whether there are still ties to cartels in the area.

Police have declined to uncover what sort of weapon or, then again slugs were utilized what’s more, regardless of whether they had recognized a suspect.
Authorities have been scrambling to decide who directed the group what’s more, why. Agents have met between 50 what’s more, 60 individuals in trusts of finding leads, what’s more, a group 38 individuals is brushing lush regions around the shooting scenes to guarantee no confirm was missed, Peruser said.
Five seek warrants have been issued what’s more, seven of the eight dissections have been completed.
More than 100 individuals of the Rhoden family, who live in rundown houses what’s more, trailers dabbed around the region were exhorted to ‘arm themselves’ by Peruser for their claim safety. 
Many of the Rhodens have been taking protect in a nearby church what’s more, were depicted by witnesses as being ‘scared for their lives’.

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