‘Thousands’ of votes given to wrong parties by computer system delays announcement of new London mayor

Beasts in the computerised tallying framework postponed the official declaration of Sadiq Khan’s triumph in the decision for Leader of London. 
Khan was way ahead of Tory Zac Goldsmith in to begin with inclinations what’s more, Work had as of now guaranteed triumph at 7pm yet as the clock ticked towards midnight there was still no official confirmation.
Then a representative for London Chooses said there had been a few checking ‘discrepancies’. 
LBC’s political editor Theo Usherwood at that point tweeted: ‘Bad news from City Lobby. I am hearing the issue with the tally is more critical than was to begin with let on. 
‘The PC which tallies the votes has obviously dispensed them to the off-base party.
‘We are evidently talking hundreds of votes in each of the 72 parliamentary constituencies.  

The London Chooses representative said: ‘The returning officer is as of now refreshing competitors what’s more, agents. 
‘There were a few little disparities with respect to the mayoral figures what’s more, we have to take the time to check them.
‘We’re doing the checking in conjunction with the Appointive Commission.
‘We have to take the time to resolve these issues. We are working towards a statement at midnight. I apologise.’
The electronic voting is taking put at three settings – Alexandra Royal residence in north London, Exceed expectations in east London, what’s more, Olympia in west London.
Boris Johnson will remain as London leader until the end of Sunday in the event that the race result is postponed until Saturday, due to the require for there to be one full day between the transition.
It takes after issues at surveying stations in the London Precinct of Barnet on Thursday, with a few voters, counting the boss rabbi, being turned away what’s more, told to come back later.


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