The ‘social-justice warrior’ who led the hunger strike at University of Missouri had a history of ‘stealing from hotels and misogyny’, sang about crack cocaine and is the son of a millionaire railroad executive

A understudy who driven a seven-day hunger strike at College of Missouri last year that caused the school’s president what’s more, chancellor to leave had a history of taking what’s more, misogyny, it has been revealed. 
Johnathan Head servant, who has since gone on to do a talking visit, stole breakfast sustenance from lodgings, concurring to Fox News, posted recordings calling ladies ‘ratchet’ what’s more, sang about split cocaine. 
Butler made a blog where he point by point ‘trying to get gotten taking “free” breakfast items’ from a inn that he would go to some time recently work. 
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He composes that for 61 days he ‘indulged in the “free” food’ what’s more, attempted to get caught. 
Butler made beyond any doubt staff would see his confront what’s more, made ridiculous faces at the inn’s security camera. 
Fox News revealed Steward’s mission to get gotten taking the ‘complimentary’ snacks, yet Head servant’s blog posts on The Monstrous Impact have since been covered up or, then again deleted.
A 2009 blog post appears a now-deleted YouTube video titled ‘The Split Cocaine Song’ with a subtitle reading: ‘This is a tune about split that me, my companion, what’s more, my flat mate put together back in 2009. Great recollections never die.’
In the nine-minute cut, partitions of which have been transferred by Warm Road, Head servant can be seen in a room with his companion yelling what’s more, singing about split cocaine. 
He strings together a story about a man ‘selling crack’ so he can pay for his ‘girl’s’ infant what’s more, youngster support. 
In a unique 15-minute video from 2011, since erased from YouTube be that as it may moreover transferred by Warm Road, Head servant faces off regarding ‘a extremely vital issue—of XX versus XY’, he says. 
‘Yes, women what’s more, men of their word, male what’s more, female: which is better,’ he includes in the video. 
Butler what’s more, a companion talk about ‘ratchet’, meaning to them indiscriminate, ladies in the video. After his companion clarifies his definition of a ‘good young lady versus a tighten girl’ Steward says: ‘So you’re saying, she hops from male to male.
‘So this would be like in the kingdom, the wild kingdom, where they’re attempting to get their prey.

‘We have to call it what it is, women what’s more, men of their word. Just ratchet. 
‘So what he’s saying is that us as men, we don’t have issues, it’s all ladies, clearly, since what do we do? We just eat, rest, work, we’re the backbone. 
‘Is that what you’re saying?… You’re saying all ladies are waste, is that what you’re saying?’
His companion says that is not what he’s saying. He says it’s a ‘two way street’ what’s more, that there are ‘good girls’ what’s more, ‘ratchet women’. 
‘The as it were reason the “ratchet species” existed is since they pick to put themselves in that situation,’ Head servant says. 
His companion goes on to clarify ladies will do ‘whatever they can’ to get what they need what’s more, will ‘lie, swindle, take to get what they want’.
‘What you do, it takes after you. Like your transcript, what you do takes after you for the rest of your life,’ Head servant says.  

Butler is too the child of a well off railroad official, Eric L. Butler.
Eric L. Steward is the official bad habit president for deals what’s more, promoting for the Union Pacific Railroad what’s more, was pay $8.4 million in 2014, concurring to administrative filings with the Securities what’s more, Trade Commission.
Both of Head servant’s guardians serve as ministers for Bliss of Life Services, agreeing to the Omaha World Herald. 

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