Yes Patricia had an affair with the gardener – but she didn’t deserve to die: The heartbroken partner of the English woman murdered by her French lover gives a chilling insight into the expat dream

There was a time at the point when Donald Marcus loved nothing better than to sit on the patio of his little French farmhouse, a glass of wine in hand, dousing up the luxurious sees over the town of Vabre-Tizac what’s more, reflecting on how lucky he was.
It is not hard to get it why the resigned businessman, 57, what’s more, his long-term accomplice Patricia Wilson fell in adore with the put at the point when they to begin with saw it, or, on the other hand why they chosen to clear out their home in Leeds what’s more, resign to the profundities of provincial Midi-Pyrenees in 2008.
What is maybe more troublesome to comprehend, however, is how rapidly this French rural dream soured, turning to repulsiveness and, ultimately, to a kill still covered in mystery.
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Today, Donald lives alone in this sentimental stone house, his recollections of the lady he cherished discolored by the fierce way in which her life all of a sudden finished in Regal 2012 at the point when she was killed by the French nursery worker who quickly progressed toward becoming her lover.
Although the 58-year-old’s body has never been found, plentiful sums of her blood were found streaked over the floors, dividers what’s more, steps of the home she shared with Donald.
This week, at the end of a trial which has held France, 54-year-old Jean-Louis Cayrou was imprisoned for 30 a long time for her murder. Still dissenting his innocence, he has as of now held up an claim against his conviction.
Donald, who is restricted to a wheelchair by dynamic different sclerosis, gone to court each day. He needed to look his adore equal in the confront what’s more, see equity done for Patricia.
‘He’s a dreadful man,’ he says. ‘There was a grin on his confront at the point when he was giving evidence. Patricia had an undertaking yet she didn’t merit to bite the dust for it. I cherished her what’s more, I adore her still.’
But more than anything, the confirm given at Cayrou’s trial last week has revealed a immensely extraordinary picture of English expat life in France than that of the rose-tinted presence advanced by books such as Dwindle Mayle’s A Year In Provence.
It was this kind of life that previous publicizing official Patricia what’s more, previous property designer Donald, were looking for back in 2008, at the point when they sold their house in Yorkshire for £400,000 what’s more, purchased Les Basses Landes, along with 11 sections of land of arrive what’s more, its claim river, for just £260,000. They had met at a bar in Yorkshire in 2001. Donald, at that point matured 42, was separated what’s more, childless. Patricia, who was conceived in Welwyn Plant City in Hertfordshire what’s more, contemplated fine workmanship at Leeds University, had never married.
They voyage together in South America what’s more, Europe, got locked in what’s more, chosen to move to France in seek of a more loose what’s more, solid life. At first, it truly did appear that they were living the dream in their new French home.
Thanks to their UK property sale, Patricia’s £115,000 annuity pot what’s more, Donald’s possess savings, they were serenely off.
They mingled with their English expat neighbours, attempted to talk French in the town shop what’s more, taken after the well-trodden way to the nearby flea-markets where they picked up vintage deals with which to outfit their new home.
Their lives were no unique to the thousands of other expats who populate this region of south-west France in seek of sunnier climes, shabby wine what’s more, gourmet delights.
In the harvest time of 2011, however, Donald returned to the UK to look for medicinal counsel after he begun to lose feeling in his legs, moving in with his sister close Spean Connect in Scotland.
Doctors told him he had different sclerosis. ‘I was away for nine months,’ he says. ‘It took that time to analyze MS.’
Not figuring it out he would be away for so long, he as it were took a little bag. ‘I was continuously coming back,’ he adds.
But back in Vabre-Tizac, Patricia is said to have told more than one neighbor that she what’s more, Donald had separated.
And in court last week, Donald conceded that, as his MS progressed toward becoming more invasive, it had finished up obliterating their relationship. At the point when one of the French legal advisors recommended that the couple had ‘tense times’ what’s more, that there was visit erosion between them, Donald replied: ‘All couples have difficulty’.
But in the event that the couple were still together, at that point it appears odd that Patricia didn’t go with her debilitated accomplice back to the UK. Instead, she remained alone in their sentimental stone ‘fermette’, in the end battling to adapt with the upkeep of its colossal grounds.
It was at this point that Jean-Louis Cayrou strolled into her life. He as of now tended the gardens of a few of her English neighbors what’s more, must have appeared like the reply to her petitions at the point when he thumped on her door, advertising his services.
But the down-at-heel world from which Jean-Louis Cayrou developed was in stark differentiate to Patricia’s comfortable expat existence.
The second of nine children, conceived in November 1961 to a stone mason, Cayrou was raised inside a conventional Catholic family in La Salvetat-Peyrales, another town in Aveyron.
For a while, as a teenager, he was considering entering the priesthood. Instead, matured 17, he got a town young lady pregnant what’s more, was said to be profoundly disturb at the point when she had an abortion. He prepared as a typographer what’s more, spent 15 a long time working as a type-setter in Toulouse where he hitched Sylvie Escaffre in 1988.
They had two children some time recently the relationship crumpled in 1998 at around the same time that the approach of advanced printing implied that he lost his job. At to begin with he found work as the supervisor of a vineyard.
Later he started doing odd occupations as a jack of all trades what’s more, plant specialist back in the zone where he had developed up.
It was this that driven him to Patricia Wilson’s door. He tended her garden. He cut back the wisteria which creeps up the side of the house. What’s more, at the point when she welcomed him in for coffee, he acknowledged what’s more, ventured over the limit of her warm, inviting home — a stark differentiate to the dingy train stopped on a building site a maybe a couple miles away where he rested each night.
In April 2012, Patricia told one of her companions back in Leeds that she was in a relationship with a ‘Frenchman’.
‘She didn’t go into subtle elements yet she sounded superbly upbeat what’s more, said he was making a difference around the house,’ said the friend.
The correct subtle elements of their undertaking were known as it were to Cayrou what’s more, Patricia but, concurring to companions who affirmed in court last week, she rapidly figured it out she had made a botch by getting included with her fanatical what’s more, controlling gardener.
In July, she attempted to end their sexual liaison. Cayrou was having none of it. In what was maybe a frequenting preview of what was to come, Patricia woke up at 5am to find him in her bedroom, attempting to choke her with a pillow.
Recounting the alarming experience afterward to companions in the village, she guaranteed that at the point when she struggled, Cayrou broke off, telling her: ‘You require a man here to ensure you. This is what can happen in the event that I’m not here.’
Later she found that the power had been cut.
But maybe dreading that her private life would come under examination in a little close-knit group where prattle is rife, Patricia did not contact the French gendarmerie over the incident.
Instead she fitted new locks to her front entryway what’s more, told one companion that she had fixed up a make-shift ‘booby trap’ to caution her in the event that anybody entered the house.
Back in the UK, Donald knew nothing of his partner’s turbulent undertaking in spite of the fact that they talked routinely on the phone.
He has demanded on a few events that he what’s more, Patricia had not split up what’s more, that they were still in love. He accepts that she figured it out she had made a botch with Cayrou.
On Eminent 8, 2012, Patricia returned to the UK with a English lady from Vabre-Tizac, to see companions what’s more, family what’s more, to purchase a car. They returned on Friday, Regal 17 what’s more, Patricia dropped off her companion some time recently returning to her home. She has not been seen alive since.
But what is known is that Cayrou called her a few times that evening. Confirm from his telephone appears that he was close to the house at the time he made the calls.
After one two-minute conversation, she poured herself a glass of wine, lit a cigarette what’s more, perused the internet.
She talked on the phone to Donald — he says they were talking about how to change over the house to suit his wheelchair — what’s more, at that point Cayrou rang again, a discussion which endured just 13 seconds.
At 9.26pm, after checking her emails, she stacked a YouTube video of Aretha Franklin singing Since You’ve Been Gone.
She was still observing it at 9.28pm at the point when the power cut out what’s more, her executioner struck.
It wasn’t until five days afterward that two concerned companions let themselves in with a save key, saw the ridiculous scene inside what’s more, raised the alarm. In court, prosecutors contended that Cayrou lay in hold up for his previous courtesan after her return from the UK, fanatically calling her handfuls of times.
They said he hidden outside her house until dark, at that point exchanged off the power what’s more, utilizing a headlamp, picked up get to to the house by means of the basement to stand up to her.
They guaranteed that he cudgeled her to passing some time recently utilizing his unrivaled information of the encompassing slopes what’s more, backwoods to arrange of her body without trace. The criminological confirm was absolutely stacked against Cayrou. Patricia’s blood was found in his Renault Laguna auto — counting in the boot — what’s more, her DNA was on a number of blood-stained things counting planting tools. 

His ex-wife too told the court that she accepted he was skilled of conferring murder. On one event towards the end of their marriage in 1997, she said, he had attempted to compel himself on her at the point when she was in the shower.
Other ex-girlfriends portrayed him as envious what’s more, violent.
Cayrou’s claim will, in all likelihood, be heard next year at another court in Montpellier in the South of France. Until it is, the 65,000 euros pay that he has been requested to pay Donald what’s more, Patricia’s 84-year-old mother Jean Wilson, is on hold. As far as the French are concerned at that point the puzzle encompassing what they presently call ‘L’Affaire Wilson’ is not over yet.
Donald Marcus accepts that Cayrou ought to be bolted up for life for what he has done. He portrays him as a ‘pathological liar’ what’s more, accepts that he will never uncover the whereabouts of Patricia’s body.
Keeping it secret, he says, is his wound way of holding on to her.
Moving back into the house he once shared with Patricia has not been easy. Inclines have been introduced to suit his wheelchair. He enters what’s more, exits the house by means of the same entryway through which Patricia’s body must have been dragged by her murderer.
‘It’s troublesome living in a house where the lady I cherished was killed,’ he says. ‘But individuals have energized round. I’m not alone. There is a superb couple in the town who run a café eatery what’s more, I go there very often.’
Rural France, however, is scarcely an perfect put for a widower restricted to a wheelchair.
As before long as he can of

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