Pictured: The devastation and thousands of dollars of damage left by stampeding Kanye fans after he announced secret gig in Manhattan’s East Village

Crushed windshields, scratched roofs, scratches what’s more, thousands of dollars worth of damage.
This is what angry New York occupants woke up to after thousands of frantic fans spilled into the road to attempt what’s more, get into Kanye West’s mystery gig early Monday morning.
Videos appeared oblivious fans taking selfies what’s more, bouncing on autos as individuals attempting to get to the venue, Webster Hall, were trampled in a stampede.
Those who live close the show lobby are presently picking up the pieces from the mayhem, what’s more, one considers Kanye ought to pay up.  
Shirley Green, a picture taker initially from Scotland, who lives around the corner from Webster Hall, said Kanye is capable for the harm what’s more, ought to pay up.
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‘He’s an irritating little p****’, she told the Day by day Mail Online. 
Ms Green said she to start with taken note the harm to her silver Mazda CX-7 at the point when she cleared out her flat to go what’s more, pick her 21-year-old niece up from Newark Airport.
With a crushed windshield what’s more, gouges all over the chassis, she was constrained to get a friend’s auto to make the trip.

She at that point returned, called the cops what’s more, got them to document a police report. They at that point appeared her cell telephone film of on the front what’s more, windshield of the car.
One young lady was seen taking selfies while another man in a red tracksuit was sat down on the glass, causing it to smash. 
Now she trusts she can guarantee the harm back on insurance.
‘This is regularly a great street. The as it were reason it was like this at 2am is since of Kanye. 

‘Now I can’t go to my put in upstate New York since of what happened to my car. I have never crushed my windscreen before.’
She said other occupants had moreover had their vehicles damaged. 

Michael Gomez, a 55-year-old optician who lives a maybe a couple squares away told the New York Post he had stopped two of his autos on the road what’s more, woke up early Monday to move them.
‘I’m never going to stop here again. It’s ridiculous. This is going to cost me thousands what’s more, thousands of dollars.
Chaos emitted outside Kanye’s mystery show in New York City early Monday morning after thousands of frantic fans slid on the scene – driving authorities to cross out the occasion what’s more, requiring handfuls of police officers to scatter the crowd.
Kanye was heard inquiring for Leader Charge de Blasio to close down the piece in a Snapchat video taken by spouse Kim Kardashian early Monday morning after a few individuals were trampled in a charge outside the gig.
With no room to move, the road in Manhattan’s East Town was obstructed with individuals charging to get to the front of the swarm around Webster Hall, what’s more, a few fans gotten in the pandemonium asserted they were pepper sprayed.
Chanting ‘Kanye’ what’s more, ‘Pablo’, fans climbed on top of autos what’s more, scaffolding, what’s more, hung out of windows to get a better see as gossipy tidbits whirled that the rapper was set to perform his most recent album, The Life of Pablo.
A crowd of shouting fans went wild what’s more, pursued the ‘Gold Digger’ rapper at the point when he passed them while hanging out of a car’s sunroof, what’s more, NYPD affirmed one individual in the swarm outside the setting was captured for jumbled conduct.
Kanye booked the appear at the last minute, after his feature space at New York’s Governors Ball music celebration was called off due to rain. 
Kim afterward posted on Twitter that he wished he could have performed while saying thanks to fans for appearing up at 2am. 
Furious revelers over and again droned ‘what the f***?’ after Kanye, who turns 39 on Wednesday, tweeted to his 23 million supporters that the appear was sold out.
It was guaranteed by a Kanye source that police educated him he would not be permitted to perform out of concern for the wellbeing of the individuals inside what’s more, outside the venue, what’s more, he would be captured for prompting a revolt on the off chance that he appeared up.
NYPD said in a statement: ‘Due to the huge swarm that assembled outside of the occasion it was decided that for the security for all those included the execution would be canceled.’
In the crowd, there were reports of a lady passing out on a car, individuals being thumped to the ground as fans surged to the front what’s more, individuals being pepper sprayed, despite the fact that both NYPD what’s more, FDNY said they had no reports of injuries.
Daily Mail On the web affirmed police showered the swarm with a substance after a window was smashed.
The swarm was so monstrous that at one point a line-up of fans extended more than three pieces from the venue. 


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