Pictured: The homeless 72-year-old man who was eaten by a Florida alligator that was spotted with his body in its mouth

The man who was eaten by a 9-foot crocodile close a Florida lake has been recognized by authorities.
Richard Zachary Taylor, 72, was recognized through fingerprints, Lakeland police representative Gary Net told nearby media Friday.
Police recuperated Taylor’s body Tuesday afternoon after a report of an croc with a body in its mouth close Lake Hunter. 
A trapper reacted a short time afterward what’s more, in the end gotten the gator. 
Joe Diaz dialed 911, telling WFLA: ‘I taken note something weaving in the water just over here.
‘At to begin with I thought it was a tire or, on the other hand something just from the looks of it.
‘I taken note there was a gator on it since he kind of took it up what’s more, rolled it.’
He told the Television station: ‘You can tell [the body] had been there for a moment since they had noticed something that was not right.’ 
Gross said analysts still don’t know on the off chance that Taylor suffocated or, on the other hand was slaughtered by the reptile. They’re holding up for extra test comes about from the Restorative Examiner’s Office. 

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Taylor’s body was decomposed, showing he had been in the water a couple of days or, then again longer. Remains found inside the crocodile amid a necropsy were a coordinate to Taylor.
Lakeland police composed on Facebook Friday that the man did not have a lasting address.
Authorities wrote: ‘Taylor has been in the Lakeland zone for around 10 a long time what’s more, is from South Carolina. The next-of-kin has been notified.’ 

Lakeland police said in the Facebook post: ‘The way what’s more, cause of demise is still undetermined what’s more, analysts are holding up on extra test comes about what’s more, the toxicology report shape the Restorative Examiner’s Office.
‘Detectives are too working with the Florida Angle what’s more, Natural life Protection Commission on the investigation. No other points of interest are being discharged at this time.’
In a Friday tweet, Lakeland police said that Taylor was homeless.  
Gross prior told WFLA: ‘The officers got here what’s more, the crocodile still had the person. He let the person go, he is deceased, looks like this individual may have been dead more than a day.
‘We don’t need to guess be that as it may I will tell at the point when the officer got here the crocodile did a roll what’s more, had the individual in contact with him.
‘The officers instantly got their guns out in case the gator comes up. Once he cleared out they didn’t need him coming back what’s more, pull the body back out, that did not happen.’ 

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