Shark attacks teen off crowded North Carolina beach

A adolescent was nibbled by a shark on Saturday evening at Atlantic Shoreline in North Carolina.
The 18-year-old unidentified male was on excursion what’s more, swimming just west of the Atlantic Shoreline circle at the point when he was chomped on the hand, reports WITN.
He endured profound chomp wounds to his hands what’s more, wrists, said Atlantic Shoreline Police Boss Jeff Harvey. The shark was revealed to be a three-foot shark what’s more, in three-foot profound water.
‘He was swimming in the sea what’s more, as before long as he was attempting to get out there was kind of blood all over what’s more, he said he got bit by a shark what’s more, everybody inquired how do you know what’s more, he said I saw it,’ witness Melissa McCasskill told WCTI. ‘He kind of crumpled cause he was losing blood what’s more, as far as I know you could kind of see the scrape.’
Another witness said the shark ‘wasn’t that big.’  
The casualty was transported to Carteret General Healing facility with non-life debilitating injuries. Atlantic Shoreline Fire Boss Adam Snyder said the casualty will likely require stitches, reports the outlet.
The shoreline remained open.  


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