Women would not do a better job of running the world, says Greer as she warns against simply emulating male characteristics

The world would not be a ‘better place’ in the event that it were run by women, driving women’s activist Germaine Greer has admitted.
She said that ‘equality is a fine notion’ yet putting ‘any old women’ in charge ‘wouldn’t cut it’.
The 77-year-old creator of The Female Eunuch cautioned that ladies were still battling to get control in a ‘man-shaped world’. Yet essentially imitating male attributes – like a few female City high fliers – is not the way forward.
Yesterday Miss Greer told an training meeting at Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire: ‘Everyone likes the thought of equality.
‘They don’t much like the thought of freedom since we can’t give it as well much in the way of substance.
‘But we have this bothering doubt: does correspondence mean that we step into the man-shaped world as women, say, what’s more, just do what men do? That appears to be what parts of individuals think. In fact, parts of individuals contend exceptionally enthusiastically that ladies wouldn’t do anything different.’
Miss Greer said she had been postured the question some time recently about ‘whether the world would be a better put in the event that it was run by women’ what’s more, had replied ‘No’.
‘I implied what I said. Having a world run by ladies is not the same as having a world run by, say, women’s activists or, then again communists or, on the other hand peaceniks,’ she said.
‘It’s just women, any old women, Mrs Thatcher-type women, the most antagonistic pioneer England has most likely ever had.
‘Not that we can’t be bellicose. We can. Yet in the event that what you need to do is make the world a safer, kinder, more joyful put at that point essentially substituting men with ladies wouldn’t cut it.’
Miss Greer included that a ‘strange shadow-boxing with the thought of balance goes on all the time’.
Giving an example, she said the choice to have no more all-male directorial sheets among the FTSE 100 was ‘not quite’ equality, as the ladies picked to fill the seats are ‘not going to be the hell-raisers’. 
She added: ‘Out of the 286 ladies administrators who are on the sheets of FTSE 100 companies, 260 are non-executive directors.
‘That implies they have nothing to do with the day to day running of the business or, on the other hand the industry.
‘They will have been welcomed to possess seats on the board …Are they going to make a difference? I don’t truly think that they will.
‘Equality is a fine thought be that as it may what ladies don’t know how to do is how to get power.’

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