Alaskan ‘avenging angel’ tracked down and beat convicted child sex offenders in revenge for their crimes, police say

An Alaskan ‘avenging heavenly attendant’ is blamed for breaking into the homes of indicted sex guilty parties and assaulting them in requital for their violations.

Jason Christian Vukovich, 41, utilized the state’s sex guilty party registry to discover the addresses of three indicted sex wrongdoers before brutalizing them, police say.

In one case the casualty, 67-year-old Wesley Hayes Demarest, was beaten so seriously with a sledge that his skull broke.

Vukovich is blamed for assaulting Demarest alongside two other men between June 25 and June 29.

The other two casualties were named by KTVA as Charles Leamon Albee, 68, and 25-year-old Andres E Barbosa.

Cops say that through the span of five days Vukovich broke into the casualties’ homes, beat them with his clench hands or a sledge, and afterward stole belonging before escaping.

He was captured on June 29 soon after Demarest was assaulted, and officers say he had a note pad in his ownership with more names inside.

Altogether Vukovich confronts 18 charges including strike, burglary, robbery and robbery, and argued not liable amid a court appearance a week ago.

Vukovich has already been sentenced misrepresentation, burglary, ownership of a controlled substance and strike, and was most as of late discharged from imprison on June 24 a year ago, that day he assaulted Albee.

At 9.30am Vukovich thumped on Albee’s entryway before pushing him inside his home and requesting him to sit on the bed, as per a safeguard reminder seen by The Frozen North Dispatch News.

Vukovich at that point slapped Albee more than once in the face, the update says, before saying he had discovered Albee’s name on the sex guilty party enroll.

In the wake of taking a few things from inside the property, Vukovich left, it is affirmed. Albee said Vukovich was conveying a scratch pad with different names in it.

After two days Vukovich touched base at the home of Barbosa at around 4am close by two ladies, again thumping at the entryway, court papers say.

Subsequent to affirming that the man’s name was Barbosa, Vukovich professedly debilitated him with a sledge before constraining his way inside the house.

Vukovich purportedly sat Barbosa down in a seat, ‘punched him in the face’ a few times, undermined  to ‘bash his vault in’ with a sledge, and said he was there to ‘gather what Barbosa owed’.

While one lady shot the assault on her cellphone, Vukovich and the other lady are blamed for taking a few things from Barbosa’s flat including his truck, and after that clearing out.

Amid the last assault, on June 29, Demarest said he heard somebody break into the home he imparts to another man at around 1am.

Vukovich is blamed for advancing inside the property and requesting Demarest to get down on his knees or rests on his bed.

At the point when Demarest cannot, Vukovich supposedly hit him over the head with a mallet, thumping him oblivious and breaking his skull.

Demarest stated: ‘He instructed me to set down on my quaint little inn said “no.” He said “get on your knees,” and I said “no”.

‘He said “I’m an avenging heavenly attendant, I’m going to met out equity for the general population you hurt.”‘

Vukovich is then blamed for taking a few things, including a portable PC, and escaping.

When he recaptured cognizance, Demarest called police who discovered Vukovich sitting in a Honda Urban close-by alongside a mallet, stolen belonging, and a journal with the names of Demarest, Barbosa, and Albee inside.

In a note from jail, seen by The Frozen North Post Dispatch, Vukovich guaranteed to have been physically and sexually mishandled by his supportive father, incorporating being beaten with bits of wood and whipped with a belt.

He composed: ‘In the wake of being physically and rationally mishandled by a predator, my life was everlastingly changed.

‘I truly gave my own reality no esteem or concern. I turned into a hoodlum and a liar and went ahead to settle on numerous poor decisions for the duration of my life.’

Vukovich additionally composed that youngsters ‘ought to have the capacity to play in the lanes and stops and go to chapel without the risk of pedophiles waiting around them.’

He included: ‘My own heart may have been broken long back, yet with all my being I bolster each youngster in quest for their fantasies.’

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