Dragged from her classroom. Shut in a cell all day. Not even allowed to call her parents… Why did police lock up this schoolgirl for bullying on the word of a fantasist?

Emma Raymond was wearing her school uniform when she was pulled out of class, captured, walked over the school grounds to a holding up squad car and taken to the phones. Furthermore, is there any good reason why she wouldn’t be? She is, all things considered, just 16. ‘A kid,’ calls attention to her mom Victoria, severely.

At 9am on that day in January — a day that has abandoned her hesitant to be in the house all alone, and her folks white with fierceness — she was in a GCSE correction class, swotting for up and coming exams.

She never completed her amendment. She didn’t get her stuffed lunch that day either, in light of the fact that it was taken from her and the substance carefully recorded on the police capture sheet.

What wrongdoing could warrant the capture of a young person while in class, and the holding of her in the cells for five hours? Murder? Fear mongering?

No. Emma had been blamed for being the instigator of a group who were harassing another young lady, focusing on her web based, debilitating to ‘get her’ and notwithstanding hacking into her family’s webcam.

Emma opens her eyes wide. ‘That is to say, hacking a webcam. How would you do that? Is it even conceivable? I surely proved unable. I fizzled my IT course. I need to get my younger sibling to enable me with fundamental PC to stuff. And this had as far as anyone knows occurred on the prior night I was captured. Hi! I was at home, watching Creepy crawly Man with my family. On the off chance that they’d asked, I could have revealed to them that.’

What took after was the kind of Kafkaesque bad dream no parent could imagine when they wave their kid off on the school transport on a generally unremarkable Wednesday morning. Regardless of the possibility that the assertions had been valid, contends Emma’s dad, Carl, ‘This would have been too graceless an approach by the police.’

In any case, Emma’s case is stunning on the grounds that even the police now concede she had no case to reply. The allegations against her were altogether false.

Today her folks guarantee Nottinghamshire Police ought to have known this. Incredibly, a similar young lady who made the allegations had done as such around year and a half already. Furthermore, staggeringly, it was a similar police drive that had researched the before claims — and expelled them.

‘The entire thing is a joke,’ says Carl. ‘It would really be ludicrous on the off chance that it wasn’t so genuine.’

To state the experience was horrendous for Emma is putting it mildly. Never having been captured (‘the most noticeably bad that had happened to her was getting confinement for wearing the wrong shoes,’ says Victoria), Emma was stunned by the severity of the procedure.

‘At the police headquarters they experienced my schoolbag and noticed each and every thing down, each pencil, each sheet of paper. They’d effectively taken my telephone — I’d inquired as to whether I could telephone my mum and they said no — then they took my pressed lunch.

‘They experienced my make-up sack, posting it all. They took my overcoat, my shoes. They did a hunt and checked in my socks. What’s more, obviously they took my school tie, I assume on the off chance that I attempted to hang myself with it. Do you know the best piece? It was a clasp on tie. I wouldn’t have had much accomplishment there.

‘I didn’t cry until the point when they secured me in the cell,’ says Emma. ‘I was so befuddled before that, thus persuaded there’d quite recently been a misstep. I simply needed my mum and father yet they continued saying “no”.’

The tenants of alternate cells appeared to be more acquainted with the procedure. ‘They were all men, all yelling and swearing and kicking the entryways. I was startled.’ The officers who place her in that cell can’t have been in any uncertainty about her age and youthfulness, however.

‘They gave me a magazine to peruse. It was a magazine for young ladies, brimming with articles around One Bearing.’

In the interim, occasions outside the cell were just as disturbing. Whenever Carl and Victoria were educated by a police welfare officer that their little girl was being held, they hurried to the station to attempt to see her, however were cannot.

In the meantime, police headed out to their family home with a court order. Gotten in an unfurling bad dream, the couple surged back home and stood, frail, as their girl’s room was looked.

The police grabbed her tablet and two iPods — one of which didn’t associate with the web and was just used to play music. At 4.45pm, Emma was at long last discharged, subsequent to being met. Victoria shivers. ‘When she left that cell she fell into my arms and was wailing her heart out. I don’t think they have any thought what they’ve done to her.

‘A while later, while we were holding up to check whether she would be charged, she asked me, “Mum, am I going to going to imprison?”. This was the point where she should just have been considering her GCSEs. The planning couldn’t have been more regrettable.’

Emma gestures. ‘I knew I hadn’t done anything, however in the event that you can get captured for doing nothing, at that point most likely you can go to imprison for doing nothing.’ At the family home in verdant Mapperley, Nottingham, Emma’s folks clarify why they are standing up about their little girl’s three-month experience.

Regularly a private family, Carl, 49, is a firefighter, while Victoria, 39, is an educating right hand. Some portion of them needs to put the occasions of recently behind them, and they are plainly humiliated at being required with the police by any means.

‘Individuals think “No smoke without flame”, don’t they?’ says Carl. ‘Be that as it may, we’re an ordinary, well behaved family but then — all of a sudden — we ended up in this bad dream.’

Carl was stunned by what his little girl persevered. ‘They treated her like a criminal from the off. Furthermore, there was no fundamental mankind by they way they managed her. At a certain point we implored them to give her a chance to have her GCSE coursework off that tablet.

‘We offered to give them a memory stick so they could do it without anyone’s help. They said no. There was no moving. They have put her entire future at hazard. They owe my little girl an expression of remorse.’

How this could have happened isn’t clear, yet the family assert the young lady who made the allegations had made comparative ones beforehand against Emma.

‘She’d moved to our school in the mid year of 2014,’ says Emma. ‘I was decent to her. I got to know her. I felt frustrated about her. She appeared to be sufficiently decent.’

Weeks after the fact, in any case, the family were alarmed when officers from Nottinghamshire Police touched base at their entryway, with allegations of web based harassing. ‘We were dazed, stunned amazing,’ says Victoria. ‘This was not the little girl we knew.’

Yet, very much mindful that high school young ladies aren’t generally the sweet souls that their folks think they know, the match stood up to Emma.

‘Emma was unyielding she didn’t comprehend what on earth this young lady was discussing. She offered to give the police her tablet. She stated, “I don’t have anything to conceal, take it.” They can’t.’

Emma demands that, around then, there had been no tormenting, for sure there had been not really any contact outside school.

‘I didn’t even Facebook her. I sincerely had no clue where this had originated from. I was truly disturbed on the grounds that I’d been so pleasant to her. Why was she doing this?’ The family requested that the school mastermind a meeting with the two arrangements of guardians, ‘to examine what on earth was going on’, says Victoria.

‘They cannot. What’s more, from the day she made the protestation, the young lady quit coming to class. She’s at another school now. She has been harassed there, as well, it appears.’

They thought the issue wrapped up. At that point on a Wednesday morning in January this year, not long after she’d dropped her girl to the transport stop, Victoria was stunned to get a telephone call from the school saying the police were there and needed to address Emma.

She made no association with the past harassing protest. ‘Had she accomplished something? I said to them I didn’t need the police addressing Emma without me there. They said that the police would get in touch with me.’

Distressed, Victoria got in the auto to drive to the school, yet pulled over most of the way there to ring once more.

‘They revealed to me the police had gone. I expected Emma was in class. I went home. I had no clue that they had really taken her in a squad car, and I’m irate that I didn’t realize that.

‘She is a helpless adolescent and was in a squad car with two male cops, not even a female one. It makes me go cool contemplating it. As a parent, I ought to have known where she was.’ In the mean time, from the back of the squad car, Emma was making endeavors to call her mum.

‘I recovered my telephone out in the of the auto. They stated: “You can’t utilize that.” I stated, “Yet without a doubt I’m permitted a telephone call? I just need to tell my mum where I am.” They said no. I went to turn the telephone off and one of them said to the next “They were ideal about her. She has a state of mind.” ”

Emma wasn’t taken to her nearby police headquarters yet a greater one at Mansfield, 30 minutes away.

She depicts the minute the allegations were put to her. ‘They said they thought I was included in badgering and uncalled for utilization of PCs,’ she says. ‘The moment they began looking at tormenting, the penny dropped. I knew it was this young lady. What I didn’t know was the reason.’

Emma demands she had not seen the young lady, or had any contact either on the telephone or on the web, since the primary harassing charges year and a half already. However as indicated by police, a later ‘crusade of harassing’ had been progressing. ‘They said this young lady had messages put in her pack.

‘She’d been sent stuff — dangers — on the web. There was obviously this person, Dave, who’d been utilized to do the frightful work — by me,’ Emma says. ‘I’ve never at any point known about somebody called Dave.’

Carl was permitted to be in the room when Emma was at long last met by the police at around 3pm upon the arrival of the capture. ‘Now I was shaking, I was sweating,’ he says. ‘I was in a more awful state than Emma, truth be told. I thought: “They should have some genuine proof here in the event that they have gone to these lengths.” ”

What was divulged, be that as it may, was ‘a joke’. They hauled out a bit of A4 paper, a printout from a couple of Facebook mes

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