Woman ‘repeatedly raped in her own bed’ after a stranger broke into her home on a remote sugar cane farm

A lady has been over and over assaulted by a more peculiar who broke into her far north Queensland home, it is asserted.

The lady was snoozing around 5.30am on Sunday when she was assaulted six times by an outsider in her home in the stick cultivating town of Mossman, north of Cairns, police said.

A 20-year-old Mossman man showed up in the Cairns Justices Court on Monday on charges including six numbers of assault.

Queensland police prior discharged an announcement.

‘Criminologists have charged a man after a lady was purportedly assaulted toward the beginning of today at Mossman,’ the announcement read.

‘It will be claimed at around 5.30am the man has gone into the lady’s home in the town of Mossman.

‘The lady was resting and man has assaulted the lady various circumstances.

‘The man is not known to the lady.’

The case was dismissed until the 26th of October.

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