NBC football analyst Rodney Harrison causes outrage after saying that Kaepernick ‘is not black’ but later apologizes after claiming he didn’t know anthem-protester was mixed-race

NBC football expert Rodney Harrison has guaranteed Colin Kaepernick is not dark and doesn’t comprehend what ‘ethnic minorities’ experience.

The 43-year-old previous NFL star recommended the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was not met all requirements to arrange a challenge amid a meeting with a Houston, Texas, radio station.

He made the dubious remarks as the reaction against Kaepernick for declined to remain for the national song of devotion before a pre-season diversion proceeded.

The previous Nationalists and Chargers security later apologized – asserting he didn’t know Kapernick was blended race.

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‘I reveal to you this, I’m a dark man. What’s more, Colin Kaepernick, he’s not dark,’ Harrison disclosed to Sportstalk 790 AM

‘He can’t comprehend what I confront and what other youthful dark men and dark individuals face, or ethnic minorities confront, on an each and every (day) premise.

‘When you stroll in a market, and you may have $2,000 or $3,000 in your pocket and you go up in to a Foot Locker and they’re taking a gander at you like you going to take something.’

At the point when the host inquired as to why he thought Kaepernick isn’t dark and why he isn’t met all requirements to stage such an exhibit, he answered: ‘I’m not saying that he must be dark.

‘I said his heart is in the correct place, however even with what he’s doing, despite everything he doesn’t comprehend that we confront as a dark man or non-white individuals, that is what I’m stating.’

Harrison, who was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL three times amid his profession, at that point said too bad.

He tweeted: ‘I ought not have raised doubt about Colin Kaepernick’s race amid this present morning’s radio meeting. It was a slip-up and I apologize.

‘I never expected to outrage anybody , I was attempting to talk about my encounters as an African American.

‘I apologize to anybody that I insulted , wasn’t intended to be harmful to anybody. God favor.

‘Last point I need individuals to know. I never at any point knew he was blended.’

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