Touching moment a soldier stationed overseas for 10 months dresses up as a lion to surprise his daughter at school

A fighter who had been positioned abroad for 10 months chose it wasn’t sufficient to simply stroll in the front entryway on his arrival home.

So Eric Cook, from the Fortress Carson Armed force site close Colorado Springs, chose his little girl merited something additional exceptional when seeing her dad surprisingly all year.

He spruced up in a lion ensemble and fronted her classroom, saying there was an exceptional declaration for the young lady.

In a video acquired by Fox 31, Cook is found in the suit holding a pack of blossoms.

He says to his unaware classroom: ‘I have an exceptional shock for somebody in here today. Would i be able to have Miss Briel Concoct come here please.’

Cook’s little girl at that point methodologies, and he proceeds with: ‘Some person has missed you for, quite a while. What’s more, he’s here today.’

With that, Cook removes the headpiece of his ensemble to uncover himself.

It takes his little girl a couple of moments to work out what is going on, however she rapidly shouts: “Daddy!”

The two at that point hold onto as the class watches on in ponder.

‘It was him the entire time!’ one of the understudies can be heard saying.

Cook had been far from his significant other and girl for 10 months while visiting in Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq.

The video, which has been turning into a web sensation this week, was taken by Cook’s cousin, Chris Minter.

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