Don’t look down! Thrill-seekers from across the world plunge 92ft off a bridge as Red Bull cliff world series reaches its exciting climax

Thrill seeker jumpers from over the world dove 92ft from a scaffold as they contended to be delegated champion of the 2016 Red Bull Precipice World Arrangement.

History was made at the grand Stari Most scaffold in the city of Mostar, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, as Michal Navratil and Lysanne Richard both gotten their second wins of the jumping rivalry.

The titles will now move onto the penultimate stop in Japan in three weeks’ chance, where the world’s best bluff jumpers will proceed with their fight as the 2016 season walks towards its energizing peak.

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The fight for triumph gave an exciting exhibition to the 20,000-in number group who had accumulated alongside the Neretva stream.

Twenty one of the world’s best rivals participated in the opposition plunging from a 28 meter high scaffold over the stream of Neretva.

Michal Navrtil from Czech republic took in front of the rest of the competition in male classification and Lysine Richard from Canada took in front of the rest of the competition in female classification.

Navrtil stated: ‘Every one of the times of experience become possibly the most important factor now.

‘All the discipline I had, the terrible arrivals, it’s all in my mind. I realize what I have do to and that is the reason I’m concentrating such a great amount on the minute when I’m there and I need to truly do my plunges.’

Ruling champion, UK jumper Gary Chase, passed up a great opportunity for the best spot for the third stop in succession.

The Red Bull Bluff Plunging World Arrangement is an opposition where the world’s best precipice jumpers meet up.

They each bounce from up to 28m in areas around the globe.

A stage is appended to the bluff or connect and every area draws in a huge number of observers, some who even watch from the water.

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