Taxi driver banned for ‘threatening to rape and kill government staff’ is charged with drink driving

A cabbie who lost his permit after he purportedly told staff at the Vehicle Division he would go to their home and assault and murder them is presently being blamed for various liquor and medication offenses.

Abdul Qadir will confront a long rundown of charges at the Darwin Neighborhood Court in the not so distant future, including driving while affected by liquor, expending alcohol in a liquor ensured range, bringing alcohol into a secured zone, carelessly imperiling genuine mischief and driving without due care, as indicated by the NT News.

He is likewise accused of having cannabis in an open place, having a hazardous medication, breaking safeguard and entering Native land without grants.

Qadir, who as of late had his safeguard conditions changed so he can go to Pakistan, was a cabbie for a long time before he lost his permit in 2014.

He bid the Vehicle Division’s choice to expel his permit however the Incomparable Court agreed with the administration staff, deciding that Qadir had been the subject of numerous grievances, including ‘cheating, inconsiderateness, inability to deliver records and different issues.’

He is likewise blamed for debilitating to hurt two transportation staff individuals.

‘I know where you live. Do you have a sweetheart since will come around and f**k you?’ Qadir purportedly told a female representative on the telephone.

He supposedly told a male representative that he would execute him before hanging up on him.

Qadir is expected back to court on October 17.

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