Brazen armed thieves wearing ‘Scary Movie masks’ terrorise shoppers and staff in a Melbourne Woolworths

A gathering of furnished hoodlums have left customers unnerved, after audaciously burglarizing a Woolworths grocery store at a bustling time and escaping with money and cigarettes.

The four conceal young people – three of whom were equipped with blades – held up the store in Oakleigh South, in Melbourne’s south east, at around 8.30pm on Wednesday night.

Video existing apart from everything else the gathering assaulted the grocery store indicates staff surging around to apparently meet the requests of the robbers, Channel Seven reports.

Look down for video

Spectators inside the mall cautioned others not to enter the store as the four aggressors undermined staff.

The video indicated one youth calling and motioning to the rest of the gathering, apparently asking them to hustle just a bit and leave the store.

‘They were wearing like the terrifying motion picture veils,’ one witness disclosed to Channel Nine.

‘At that point they ran out with enormous blades into the stopped auto and they shouted out.’

Each of the four fled in a white auto, getting away with cigarettes and money taken from registers.

Nobody was harmed and the four aggressors are still on the run.

Victoria Police are researching whether the assault is identified with a spate of three other hold-ups that have occurred in the city’s south-east finished the previous month.

Police are revealing an expansion in wrongdoing, with one out of four general obligations senior sergeants ending up going to genuine episodes.

The absence of numbers in the police compel has implied officers are choosing which circumstances to take care of when in actuality all calls must be reacted to, the Envoy Sun reports.

Only 48 hours prior, a gathering of 20 men purportedly raged a milkbar in Coburg outfitted with wooden and metal weapons.

The gathering – who were purportedly part of Melbourne’s famous Peak group – entered the milkbar at around 9pm on Monday.

It is trusted the men were searching for an individual from another posse with their identity contending over turf.

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