Azealia Banks reports Russell Crowe to the police after claiming he called her a ‘n****r’ and ‘choked’ her during a party in his hotel room

Azealia Banks has gone to the police subsequent to asserting Russell Crowe struck her at a supper party in his inn room on Saturday night.

Banks, 25, recorded a battery report against the performer at the Beverly Slopes Police Division on Sunday.

The rapper chosen to report Crowe that evening after he declined to apologize for physically expelling her from his lodging room, sources told TMZ.

Banks wrote in a Facebook post that Crowe had ‘called me a n****r, stifled me, tossed me out and spat at me’.

The on-screen character’s agents said he declined to apologize on the grounds that he keeps up he doesn’t di anything incorrectly.

Banks erased her Facebook post as different cases rose recounting a totally extraordinary story from her own.

As indicated by a source, onlookers at the gathering asserted Azealia was the assailant and Crowe was compelled to complete the rapper of his room amid a private gathering after she ended up plainly rough.

The onlookers guarantee Banks put forth a strange expression coordinated toward Crowe about slicing his throat and that of another visitor with her wine glass.

Banks at that point purportedly positioned her glass back and Crowe interceded, sources said.

Reps for both Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks have been reached by for input.

It is asserted that Crowe had welcomed around 10 individuals over to his space to tune in to music, including rapper RZA – who brought Banks.

The 47-year-old Wu Tang Tribe part had already worked with Crowe on The Man With The Iron Clench hand and as of late marked Banks to his record name.

As indicated by hotspots for TMZ, it started when Azealia chuckled at Russell’s music choice and called him and someone else in the room ‘exhausting white men.’

At that point when a female gathering visitor bounced to his guard, the 212 rapper went on an undermining denunciation.

As indicated by their insider, Banks stated: ‘You would love it on the off chance that I broke my glass, cut you folks in the throat, and blood would squirt wherever like some genuine Tarantino s***.’

Witnesses say she utilized the n-word various circumstances and Crowe resisted the urge to panic until the point when she went after a glass and positioned it back.

The 53-year-old Combatant star at that point allegedly snatched her and completed her of the suite before calling security gatekeepers to expel her from the grounds.

No less than four visitors/witnesses who gave articulations amid the examination utilized “flighty” to portray Azealia’s conduct as indicated by TMZ. They additionally assert that RZA said she utilized the N-word and not Crowe.

In Azealia’s since-erased posts via web-based networking media, The Enormous Beat hitmaker has a vastly different story as she composed: ‘To recap my night, I went to a gathering at Russell Crowe’s suit, at which he called me a n*****, stifled me, tossed me out and spat at me.

‘The previous evening was one of the hardest evenings of rest I’ve had in along time.

‘The men in the room enabled it to happen. I feel shocking today.’

She likewise posted two different statuses on Facebook, in which the rapper discussed being discouraged and that ‘I wish I had somebody to thrash him for me.’

Banks is no more peculiar to debate.

A month ago a judge was not very satisfied as she neglected to show up at her court case in New York after professedly assaulting a bouncer at a dance club a year ago.

Banks was accused of offense attack, endeavored ambush and untidy direct after the occurrence at Up&Down in Chelsea on December 16, where she purportedly bit a female bouncer on the bosom.

The nibble caused ‘redness, swelling and wounding’ and ‘significant agony’, as indicated by the criminal grievance, yet the lady declined medicinal consideration at the scene.

Banks is scandalous for her Twitter rages against different rappers, and in addition legislators – she once proposed Sarah Palin be group rapped.

Most as of late she utilized supremacist and homophobic slurs while discussing Zayn Malik.

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