Motorist assaults pedestrian he nearly ran over before putting a man who rushed over to help into a CHOKEHOLD during violent road-rage attack

A driver has been gotten on camera assaulting two individuals at a bustling crossing point in a fierce street seethe push.

The man was taped venturing out of his auto and striking a person on foot and a moment man on Narrows Road in Port Melbourne at around 1pm on Thursday.

It is trusted a walker endeavored to cross the street at the convergence of Graham Road and Narrows Road when he was nearly hit by the man’s four wheel drive, 9 News reported.

Look down for video

The passerby flagged the driver, who escaped his auto and went up against him, witnesses said.

A bystander who saw the occurrence hurried over to help the person on foot, however was professedly ambushed and set into a strangle hold.

‘Two folks were contending over something-the driver place him in a sleeper hold,’ a witness said.

Five men kept running over to limit the claimed wrongdoer, before he was captured by police.

No charges have yet been laid.

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