Little green yen: Mysterious emerald-green orb ‘UFO’ appears over Japan, leaving a trail of sparks behind it

A strange green “UFO” has been spotted over Japan, leaving a trail of flashes behind it as it traversed the sky.

The green circle was seen in Niigata, in the north of the nation, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Specialists say the protest was probably going to be a fireball, the name given to a splendid meteor.

Sensational film demonstrates the green circle streaking over the sky over the city.

The “UFO” was caught by a Japanese TV station’s climate camera.

A specialist disclosed to NBC that the shine of the protest implies it might have been caused by space trash.

A piece from a satellite that wrecked as it re-entered the world’s environment could have brought about the splendid protest seen in the sky.

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