A glass of wine and a cheeky gallop on the Flemington straight! Usain Bolt’s big Ladies Day ends with the sprint star sampling Melbourne’s best track

With regards to a sports track he’s the world’s quickest man, yet Usain Jolt took a gander at home on the grass of Flemington on Thursday.

The nine-time Olympic gold medalist blended with ladies and got the consideration of different fillies amid an eventful evening at Oaks Day, some portion of Melbourne’s spring dashing jubilee.

A prestigious partygoer, Jolt was imagined drinking champagne and blending with the group at ‘Women Day’, before going for a dash down Flemington’s celebrated straight.

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Taking to Instagram following a substantial day of fun and triviality, he shared a photograph of himself and Australian sprinter John Steffensen running down the straight.

‘At the point when John felt like he was magnificent until the point that he met most noteworthy otherwise known as flame,’ Jolt composed.

On a sunny spring day, Jolt was a man in hot request among the thousands who run to the races.

Months in the wake of winning the 100 meter and 200 meter dash, and 4×100 meter hand-off at the Rio Olympics, he postured for photographs with the group.

Be that as it may it wasn’t all pointless fooling around for the run champion, as he barely abstained from being harmed when a stallion’s stray foot kicked out at the Jamaican.

Jolt was strolling through the mounting yard when a stray foot from New Zealand champion Eleonora indignantly lashed out toward him.

Fortunately the Olympian demonstrated his famous snappiness, bouncing far from the kick and the unforgiving whip of the stallion’s tail.

Jolt arrived in the arms of Australian Olympic silver medalist John Steffensen as he bounced back to maintain a strategic distance from contact with the steed.

The 6’4 run champion smaller people Steffensen who remains at only 5’9 yet that didn’t prevent the Australian from grasping his companion – to protect him.

The two star competitors grinned and giggled as the move adjusted his stallion.

Jolt, wearing a smooth white suit snickered in the arms of his companion before moving in the opposite direction of the track.

The couple were conversing with a move who was likewise sufficiently brisk to get away from the steed’s foot.

The close miss didn’t cause excessively weight on Jolt who immediately flashed the “alright” sign at picture takers.

He conveyed the Oaks Day trophy to the stewards range as a component of his official obligations – putting on a show to dash with it immovably held up in his grasp.

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