The grass really is greener over here! Joyous dogs leap through a field of tall grass in hilariously adorable video

A lovable video of puppies jumping through tall grass is making the rounds online as about six pooches dance like pronghorns.

The 40-second clasp presented on YouTube on Wednesday demonstrates the energized pups being given free access a field of tall green grass.

The mutts of every single diverse breed and sizes dash off into the field without a care on the planet.

As they jump through the grass, they appear to be swimming like dolphin in water.

Each canine flies up as it jumps through the grass and after that vanishes as it arrive once more.

The lady recording the mutts chuckles as the silly pups jump through the field.

‘Well done,’ she says as the depleted mutts accumulate around her.

One pooch, who hasn’t gotten his full fix of fun in the field, limits around as his proprietor gets back to him to come.

Perceiving how much fun the pooches are having, the proprietor releases every one of them retreat into the field.

One-by-one they skip pull out into the tall grass like larger than usual bunnies bouncing through the zone.

The proprietor giggles again saying ‘great kid’ as the mutts return.

It’s vague where the video was taped yet the proprietor seems, by all accounts, to be American.

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