Georgia prepares to execute man who killed his ex-girlfriend 15 years ago after his last meal of a large meat pizza

Georgia is get ready to complete its eighth execution of the year with plans to execute a man who slaughtered his ex 15 years back. He has asked for an extensive meat pizza as his last supper.

Steven Frederick Lances, 54, is planned to be executed on Wednesday by infusion of the barbiturate pentobarbital at the state jail in Jackson.

He was indicted kill in the August 2001 killing of his previous sweetheart Sherri Holland at her home in Dahlonega, around 65 miles upper east of Atlanta.

Also, Lances asked for just a single thing for his last feast – an extensive meat pizza, the Atlanta Diary Constitution reports.

Lances told specialists in a hour and a half, copied admission that he concocted four distinct plans to kill Holland.

As indicated by a synopsis from the Georgia Incomparable Court, he went into the slither space under her home and appended wires to the drainpipe and icy water pipe of her shower that he intended to connect to her home’s circuit board to shock her as she showered.

He additionally wanted to cut a play club from a tree limb, abandon it under a kayak at her home and beat her to death with it.

A third alternative was to creep into her home from the slither space through an aeration and cooling system vent and load her shotgun so he could utilize it later.

Lances likewise concealed pipe tape under her kayak so he could stifle her, dilemma her with the tape and choke out her with a plastic pack.

He eventually picked the fourth arrangement, setting Holland’s sack secured head on a pad, ‘so her face wouldn’t be crushed on the floor,’ he told agents.

He cleared out her body in her room and bolted the entryway with a lock to shield her young child from entering when he returned home from his dad’s home.

Lances lived in the forested areas for 10 days before an officer saw him strolling along a thruway, asked his name and captured him.

He said he revealed to Holland when they started dating that in the event that he got her or heard that she was laying down with another person he would “gag her can to death.”

He told agents he revealed to her he adored her equitable before gagging her.

Around the finish of his admission, Lances told specialists: ‘I cherished her that much. I revealed to her I wasn’t releasing her, and I didn’t.’

He included that he’d do it again on the off chance that he needed to.

Lances’ legal counselor has said that the inmate has reliably declined to help endeavors to save his life however has appeared to waffle throughout the years about whether he really needs incredible.

Georgia capital punishments are naturally requested. In the event that a sentence is maintained through the immediate interest handle, the case by and large winds its way through post-conviction requests in state and government courts.

Experts in Georgia regularly hold up until the point that those interests are depleted before setting an execution date.

In any case, Lances has made the bizarre stride of declining to document any post-conviction requests.

His trial lawyer, Allyn Stockton, said Lances made it exceptionally troublesome for his guard group since he undermined to stand firm and torpedo his own particular case on the off chance that they displayed any alleviating proof.

Stockton said Lances has neglected to answer letters he’s sent as of late and has declined to see him when he’s go to the jail to visit as of late.

Stockton intends to solicit the State Board from Exonerations and Paroles to save Lances’ life at a pardon hearing set for Tuesday.

Enotah Legal Circuit Head prosecutor Jeff Langley said he intends to request that the board enable the execution to continue.

The parole board is the main specialist in Georgia with energy to drive a capital punishment.

Lances would be the eighth individual executed by the province of Georgia this year.

That is the most in a date-book year in the state since capital punishment was restored across the nation in 1976. Georgia executed five detainees a year ago and five out of 1987.

On the off chance that his execution is done, Georgia will have executed a greater number of individuals this year than some other state.

Texas and Georgia are at present tied with seven executions each. Three different states — Alabama, Florida and Missouri — have each done one execution this year, bringing the aggregate number of executions in 2016 to 17.

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