Schoolie, 17, rushed to hospital with a fractured pelvis after falling from his second storey balcony on the Gold Coast at 3am

A schoolie has fallen two stories from a flat gallery and endured a presumed broke pelvis.

The 17-year-old was attempting to recover a thing he dropped on an edge and attempted to gather it from his overhang at Surfers Heaven in the Gold Drift.

‘We trust he’s dropped a thing of property … what’s more, he’s loaned over to gather it and he’s fallen the two stories,’ a police representative said on Nine News.

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The youngster is accepted to have been going after a bundle of cigarettes when he lost his adjust and fell two stories.

A witness portrayed the fall as ‘frightening’.

‘My mate just kept running inside and said he had dropped out of the gallery, and I ran out and looked down and he was quite recently shouting,’ the witness said.

‘There was blood all over the place.’

He was taken to Gold Drift College Healing center in a steady condition with a speculated broke pelvis after the fall around 3am on Thursday.

His wounds are not considered life undermining.

Examinations are proceeding.

At a question and answer session on Thursday evening, police said the young person stayed in a steady condition and was ‘advancing admirably’.

Police said he was ‘extremely fortunate’ and noted on the off chance that he had tumbled from a ‘high rise, we could have been taking a gander at a completely unique result’.

Police reminded school leavers to assume liability for their decisions and pay special mind to companions.

In any case, conduct ‘all things considered has been great’.

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