Is she Superwoman? Midwife breaks her fingers in a triathlon, delivers a baby and STILL gets Thanksgiving dinner on the table for 16 people all in one day

A maternity specialist has accomplished the unfathomable in one day in the wake of softening her fingers up a marathon, conveying a child and as yet having room schedule-wise to get Thanksgiving supper on the table.

Rhonda DiCostanzo’s experience begun right off the bat Thursday when she got up before dawn at her home in Tacoma, Washington so she could begin making new bread for supper.

The 57-year-old at that point gone to the nearby YMCA to contend in a yearly Turkey Marathon yet as she was crossing the end goal, she fell and broke two of the fingers on her left hand.

DiCostanzo drove herself to the ER at St Joseph Therapeutic Center in Tacoma, where she likewise fills in as a maternity specialist, so she could get her hand settled.

Be that as it may, as she was sitting in the sitting tight space for her x-beam comes about, a lady came into the ER in labor.

‘So I just went over yonder and stated, ‘I’m a birthing assistant. I can help.’ ” DiCostanzo told the News Tribune.

She said she put a typical estimated glove on her correct hand and a bigger glove on her left hand over her broken fingers.

She without any assistance conveyed the child minutes after the fact.

Maternity care staff had been called down to the ER yet when they arrive, DiCostanzo had just conveyed the infant kid.

‘Her better half didn’t make it. He was stopping the auto,’ DiCostanzo said.

No sooner had she conveyed the infant, DiCostanzo was back home planning Thanksgiving supper for her 16 visitors.

Notwithstanding the hiccups that morning, DiCostanzo figured out how to pull everything off effectively.

‘It was a bustling day,’ she said.

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