Is Erin Andrews engaged to NHL’s Jarret Stoll? ‘Dancing With The Stars’ co-host teases her ‘ring game’ on Twitter – and responds to questions with hearts and kisses

Erin Andrews appeared to allude to her conceivable engagement on Twitter, leaving many adherents inquiring as to whether she and hockey player Jarret Stoll had plans to get married – which she still can’t seem to deny.

The ‘Hitting the dance floor with The Stars’ co-have sent her course of events in a free for all Thursday when she tweeted before a trek to Lambeau Field in Green Cove, Wisconsin, that the terrible climate would truly put a damper on her ‘ring amusement’.

Many individuals thought this was a not at all subtle implication to her potential engagement to the NHL star, her sweetheart of four years. Among them was Emma Slater, an expert artist on ‘Hitting the dance floor with The Stars’, who asked Andrews:  ‘What?!!!! Would you happen to be locked in @ErinAndrews??!!!! I’m hearing individuals on Twitter!!!’

Andrews answered just with four hearts and two kissing emoji – a perplexing answer that kept everybody speculating.

She likewise sent a kissing emoji to somebody who tweeted: ‘I cherish how @ErinAndrews is kinda alluding to her engagement and it goes over everybody’s heads! So cheerful for her!!’

Andrews, 38, and Stoll, 34, have been dating for a long time. The combine weathered the tempest a year ago when Stoll was captured at the MGM Great in Las Vegas and accused of cocaine ownership.

The charges were later changed to two crimes and Stoll took a supplication deal, and consented to make a hockey program for kids at chance as a component of his group benefit.

‘I have no clue what tomorrow will bring,’ Andrews disclosed to US Magazine a couple of months after the fact, as she thought about her association with Stoll. ‘We’re raised intuition our lives will be a Taylor Quick melody. At that point you get more seasoned and more shrewd. You don’t realize what will bring you bliss.’

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