Defence Minister Marise Payne slams her own colleagues over rumours she was ‘afraid to appear on TV because she was fat’ – and says Liberal Party men should ‘take a look in the mirror’

Protection Clergyman Marise Payne has pummeled her colleages after bits of gossip she was reluctant to show up on TV due to her weight.

Representative Payne has trained in on her male partners in the Australian Liberal Gathering, instructing them to ‘get a mirror’ after the bits of gossip charged she’d had a mental breakdown and had fears of broadcast appearances since she was ‘excessively fat’.

She said she doesn’t have anything ‘printable’ to say in regards to the charged bits of gossip, The Every day Telegraph reported.

‘My associates in all cases have been breathtaking. I don’t have a clue. Ask the folks who require a mirror,’ Congressperson Payne said.

Her remarks came after a report there was a “dreadful” battle to undermine her being completed by a few individuals from the administration, as indicated by the ABC.

Congressperson Payne as of late had surgery for a stomach contamination which constrained her to miss weeks worth of work.

Abnormal state local security chats with her Japanese partners must be re-planned to 2017 because of her wellbeing.

Some of her associates have scrutinized her position in the prominent part, in any case, Representative Payne disclosed to The Day by day Transmit she was ‘anticipating returning to work’.

She left a mark on the world in 2015 after Executive Malcolm Turnbull made her Australia’s first female guard serve.

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