Stupid or dangerous? Masked man parading an ISIS flag films himself ‘walking straight across the German border’ as he taunts officials over the non-existent security checks

A veiled man parading an ISIS signal has shot himself strolling straight over the German fringe as he insults authorities over the non-existent security checks.

The uploader, calling himself Vlad Tapes, said he distributed the video ‘to demonstrate how woeful the outskirt is’ between the two nations.

It was posted in the wake of the Berlin dread truck assault, amid which the German authorities were condemned for permitting executioner Anis Amri to meander out of the nation undetected.

Look down for video

‘A Danish resident spruced up in Islamic State apparatus, banner and fake weapon to demonstrate how despicable the fringe is amongst Germany and Denmark,’ the uploader composes.

‘We test fringe controls. Will an Isis fear based oppressor cross the outskirt unnoticed?

‘Fringe controls were non-existent. Do you feel great with our open fringes?’

The unsubstantiated video demonstrates the fringe is unmanned as the balaclava-clad man strolls gradually through the wide open.

He is holding an Islamic State banner and signals to discharge a firearm and opening his throat in the clasp.

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