Tourist bitten by crocodile as she tried to take a SELFIE with the giant reptile in Thai national park

A French lady is recouping in doctor’s facility after she was chomped by a crocodile while absurdly attempting to get a selfie with it.

Benetulier Lesuffleur, 46, was chomped on the leg subsequent to stumbling over beside the crocodile while taking the photo.

She had been at the Kho Yai National Stop, in focal Thailand, with her better half when she saw the crocodile in a lake.

They disregarded cautioning signs and went off the trail to attempt and get the photo, national stop boss Kanchit Srinoppawan told Matichon.

Pictures demonstrate her being pulled from the water’s edge with a swathe on her leg.

She is currently in clinic recouping from her wounds yet is relied upon to make a full recuperation.

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