Man accused of murdering two American missionaries in Jamaica escapes custody while being treated in the hospital

Experts in Jamaica say a prisoner blamed for slaughtering two U.S. preachers has gotten away.

Police said Friday that Dwight Henry, 25, got away care after he was taken to a healing facility for restorative care.

Henry is blamed for killing Randy Hentzel, 48, and Harold Nichols, 53, in April of 2016 along Jamaica’s north drift.

The casualties had lived and worked in the region since 2002. Police have not yet given a rationale to the killings.

Mr Hentzel from Donnellson, Iowa, kicked the bucket of a gunfire wound. Mr Nichols from Randolph, New York passed on of a gunfire and ‘cleave wounds’ as per the Jamaica Gleaner.

The casualties and their spouses worked for a Pennsylvania-based service called Groups for Restorative Missions.

On the Groups for Restorative Missions Facebook page, the association kept in touch with: ‘One of the men accused of the murder of our two ministers back in April has gotten away guardianship.

‘It would be ideal if you go along with us in supplication that he will be captured soon.’

‘It would be ideal if you petition God for our two dowagers as this news triggers much torment.’

The two were murdered amid a bike trip along the shoreline as per CNN. The casualties were made a beeline for a development site where they were helping construct a home for a family in require.

Mr Nichols is made due by his better half and Mr Hentzel is made due by his significant other and five youngsters.

Likewise charged for the situation is Jamaican Andre Thomas.

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