‘Patriot survivalist’ who amassed an arsenal of weapons at his Nottingham home to help fight off an ISIS attack is jailed

A self-declared survivalist and “nationalist” who amassed an arms stockpile of weapons and unstable substances at his home to battle ISIS has been imprisoned.

Roger Smith, 46, said he stockpiled the weapons at his home as a result of ‘the considerable number of ISIS s***’ and trusted he was get ready for a war.

He was indicted having explosive, different chemicals and a bomb-production manual and  was condemned to four years in jail at Nottingham Crown Court.

Imprisoning him, Judge Gregory Dickinson stated: ‘You are confused and silly as you are evil.’

Smith, from Clifton in Nottingham, was captured in 2015 after a hunt of his home revealed things recommending the potential make of explosives and a few hundred canisters of outdoors gas.

A five-day trial was told an arms stockpile of crossbows and blades was found at the home of Smith, who asserted to be planning to keep a radical assault like the 2013 murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Opening the body of evidence against Smith toward the begin of the trial, prosecutor Michelle Heeley stated: ‘Smith told the cops while in transit to the station that he had got things in his home to guard “us” against the Muslims.’

Following his capture, Smith told officers he held the chemicals for ‘honest to goodness purposes’ and that he utilized the black powder to get his nieces and nephews inspired by science.

Alluding to Smith’s police talk with, Ms Heeley stated: ‘He said that ISIS was a danger to the whole Western civilisation and that if there was another Lee Rigby-style assault, he would be the kind of individual who might stop it.’

‘He considered himself to be a crusader against Muslims,’ she told the court on Thursday.

Moderating, Orlando Pownall QC said there was no proposal Smith was a piece of a radical gathering and portrayed him as ‘somewhat of a recluse’.

He stated: ‘Obliviousness of the law is no safeguard – we welcome the court to finish up this litigant had no energy about the earnestness of what he was doing.

‘The litigant is an amiable person. There is no proof this litigant was a piece of a radical gathering or had companions who were similarly radical or that he wished to be an individual from such a gathering.’

He said Smith’s case to officers that he would ensure the police in the event of an ISIS-style assault was imperfect – given the explosive he made would just create smoke.

Mr Pownall told the court: ‘How might he ensure the police in those conditions with black powder?’

Judge Dickinson stated: ‘You said you had these things in your home to shield against the Muslims and you were prepared.

‘In your own particular over the top and confused way, you were get ready for a future that you accepted was coming.

‘You were in your own particular to some degree twisted path planning for an attack and for the likelihood of a nearby war with Islamic psychological oppressors.’

Smith, wearing a checked coat and green pants, did not respond as he was condemned.

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