Uber driver is arrested for ‘raping 22-year-old intoxicated woman after driving her home’

A previous Uber driver was captured in Texas for purportedly assaulting a young lady in the wake of driving her home.

The San Antonio Police Division recognized the man as Gabriel Vasquez, 40, who is confronting charges of brutality over the occurrence that allegedly occurred in October 2016.

Specialists said the 22-year-old lady was at a bar and was drunk to the point that she go out in the washroom, as indicated by KHOU 11.

She was helped into a Uber auto that was holding up outside by bar staff.

A police report documented when the episode happened says that Vasquez helped the lady inside her condo since she was not able stroll all alone.

Vasquez ‘escorted her to her informal lodging to strip her’, as indicated by the report acquired by KHOU.

The casualty announced the episode to police and Uber the following day.

‘What’s been portrayed is significantly concerning and has no place anyplace. When the rider revealed this to us in October, we quickly evacuated this present driver’s entrance to the application,’ Uber representative Kayla Whaling disclosed to KSAT 12 via email

Vasquez did not have a criminal record preceding a year ago’s occurrence.

Police said the casualty could emphatically recognize Vasquez in a photograph lineup.

She told experts at the season of the occurrence she told Vasquez ‘no’.

Vazquez at first denied any sexual action happened on January 13 when he was met by police.

Be that as it may, he later admitted to engaging in sexual relations with the casualty despite the fact that he knew she was inebriated, as indicated by an oath gotten by KSAT.

Vazquez stays in the Bexar District Prison.

The fight over individual verifications for Uber drivers at a portion of the world’s busiest airplane terminals proceed as urban areas like Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, consider more careful screenings.

Uber clients in San Antonio are inquiring as to why the organization hasn’t used stricter unique mark individual verifications.

In Houston, city authorities say they found that personal investigations without fingerprints permit crooks who have been accused of murder, rape and different violations to sidestep identification in an assortment of ways.

Uber has concurrences with more than 50 US airplane terminals, none of which require unique mark based individual verifications.

Houston, the country’s fourth-biggest city, was among the first in the US to require drivers for Uber and other ride-booking firms to experience unique finger impression based historical verifications utilizing the FBI’s database.

Houston’s program started in November 2014, and city authorities there say they’re much more intensive than some other method for checking somebody’s criminal past.

The battle for stricter record verifications have been continuous in San Antonio since 2014.

In 2015, San Antonio made unique mark individual verifications discretionary after both Uber and Lyft left the city.

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