The hilarious moment a dog’s mind is completely blown by a WHOOPIE CUSHION

The comical minute a canine’s psyche is totally passed up a whoopie pad has been gotten on camera.

The cute pooch takes a gander at the brilliant green toy as its proprietor’s foot approaches it.

It’s proprietor presses the whoopie pad and the adorable pup keeps running up to it.

Totally confused the puppy hastens around and rearranges its paws at the interesting item.

It hops forward and backward not comprehending what to do about the plastic riddle before it.

The clever 25-second clasp was shared on YouTube.

One watcher could identify with the video and stated: ‘Mutts detest flatulate clamors.

‘I can make a fart commotion by measuring my hands and it drives my pooch cray.’

It isn’t clear where the video was recorded by it’s been seen more than 100 times.

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