Judas in Jesus sandals: Casually dressed Garry Lyon emerges from tell-all interview with a broad grin after revealing he is STILL dating Billy Brownless’ ex-wife Nicky and sent a text apologising to his former mate – but never heard back

Garry Lyon has opened up about his illicit relationship with the spouse of his ‘great mate’ Billy Brownless in an enthusiastic meeting, saying he messaged him to apologize however never got a reaction.

On Tuesday, the father-of-three sat down for a real to life visit with veteran games writer Mike Sheahan about his emotional well-being battles, come back to open life and his association with Nicky Brownless, who he affirmed he is as yet dating.

‘Nicky and I are as one and I’m endlessly appreciative she could bolster me through the majority of this and I’d jump at the chance to think there’ll be no more intrigue,’ he revealed to SEN radio.

A mournful Lyon conceded he had not addressed Billy Brownless since before Christmas 2015 after the affair was uncovered in February 2016 and eventually prompted the crumple of Brownless’ marriage.

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Lyon said he won’t not have reacted to the instant message statement of regret either if the parts were switched.

‘I know I’ve caused a ton of agony for the general population I’ve been near, specifically my ex Melissa,’ Lyon said.

‘On the off chance that individuals think I haven’t perceived that, they would not be right.

‘It has been truly troublesome and there are heaps of layers to that – a considerable lot of which I won’t go into’.

In Walk 2016, Brownless opened up about the toll the undertaking has had on his family, saying ‘a great mate wouldn’t do that’ and trusted the mystery relationship could have been continuing for up to four years.

‘I couldn’t trust it. I discovered three or four months back. I asked Garry and Nicky before on what is happening and they said they were quite recently great companions. That is the thing that damages the most,’ Brownless told the Footy Show.

‘By law it’s lawful. Ethically it’s off-base. We as a whole know our rights and off-base. You don’t touch a man’s wallet, you don’t touch his better half.’

Lyon said his association with Nicky Brownless being constrained into the media spotlight has been ‘a considerable measure to manage,’ particularly after his detachment from Melissa.

‘I haven’t addressed (Billy) since before Christmas already,’ Lyon said. ‘I addressed Bill before this wound up noticeably open and past that, it’s something for he and I to work through and we’ll do it’.

Soon after the meeting circulated on Tuesday, a coolly dressed Lyon was seen leaving the SEN studios with co-have Tim Watson to go to a close-by bistro.

After Sheahan inquired as to whether Lyon trusts things would have distinctive on the off chance that he moved toward Brownless first about his association with Nicky, he said he “comprehends” why individuals may be basic.

‘I was tossed into another relationship and she was once hitched to a companion, I acknowledge that,’ he said.

Lyon conceded he won’t not have endured his psychological wellness battles without the help of Nicky and affirmed the couple were still in a relationship.

On being inquired as to whether he was on talking terms with ex Melissa, Lyon said it is ‘a side of his life he could never discuss’.

Lyon said he initially looked for proficient help for his emotional well-being battles eight years prior, yet halted treatment following two weeks.

‘I was humiliated to put my hand up and say I’m battling,’ he said.

Lyon said after news of the undertaking broke 12 months back, his life ‘went to a crushing stop,’ yet could push through with the assistance of an expert, who he picked not to name.

‘He went path well beyond and I invested energy at his property and met with him twice day by day for treatment,’ Lyon said. ‘In the end it turned into a kinship’.

Lyon additionally put to bed bits of gossip he did his shopping at midnight to abstain from standing up to individuals, saying the cases were ‘ludicrous’.

The previous footy star come back to work following a year on Monday, and is co-facilitating SEN breakfast radio with Hamish McLachlan and Tim Watson.

Lyon revealed to Sheahan he was “apprehensive” about his arrival to breakfast radio and has been attempting to adjust his workload after his 12-month recuperation.

He said he has brought down his prescription and has begun ruminating.

The pre-recorded meeting publicized in full after 8am on Tuesday and Lyon said the previous 12 months have ‘been the most lowering in [his] life’.

‘Since when you get to this phase in your life, when you lose control of your feelings, it just strips all inner self from you, since you are in the hands, or your fall at the feet at whoever can help you.

‘You have this circumstance where you can’t control your passionate state. I’ve generally been a certain individual, I have a truly sound self image.

‘Some of the time your mindfulness isn’t what it ought to be, on account of you can escape … you ride your prosperity without halting to state, hold tight, where am I at.

‘In the event that anything, I’ve never been more mindful then I have been at this moment, and ideally, you know, I’ll returned with a level of modesty that encourages me perceive possibly in others, on the off chance that they are battling.

Talking about his choice to uncover his battles in a meeting, he stated: ‘I wasn’t sad I did it [the interview].

‘I can’t stay here and not expect some discussion about what has occurred in the previous 12 months or somewhere in the vicinity.’

Lyon dropped the greater part of his exhibiting obligations in 2016 after his undertaking with Nicky Brownless was uncovered toward the beginning of February.

After news of the issue softened up 2016, Lyon’s previous partner David Schwarz said the circumstance was a ‘catastrophe’.

‘Presently two families are torn separated. We have two blokes who were best mates,’ he disclosed to The Age.

‘For that to happen — and there’s just a single explanation behind that and that is stunning choices that have been made by consenting grown-ups that have crossed a line and most likely demolished connections and passed a final turning point — shockingly awesome connections are presumably destroyed for eternity.’

Lyon and Brownless had been companions for a long time and cooperated on the well known AFL Footy Show in the vicinity of 2009 and 2015.

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