EXCLUSIVE: ‘I am haunted by the moment I saw her slipping away.’ Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard ‘Big Moe’ tells how he frantically tried to revive her and admits he and star’s inner circle were ‘enablers’

Anna Nicole Smith’s previous bodyguard has told how he is still “frequented” in the wake of finding the Playboy model’s dormant body in a Florida lodging suite – and uncovers despite everything he points the finger at himself for her grievous demise ten years after the fact.

In a selective meeting with DailyMail.com, Maurice Brighthaupt, referred to Smith as Large Moe, reviews the wild eyed minutes he attempted to resuscitate the oblivious star, directing CPR for ten minutes before a rescue vehicle arrived.

Also, the prepared paramedic clearly observed the fair centerfold girl disappear as a coincidental medication overdose cut her life off at age 39.

Months after the death of cherished child Daniel, which came three days after the introduction of her girl Dannielynn, Smith kicked the bucket on February eighth, 2007 after she devoured a lethal mixed drink of remedy pills with effective rest syrup chloral hydrate.

Representing the tenth commemoration of her demise, Brighthaupt – who was likewise Smith’s companion and comrade – says the repulsive disaster was practically unavoidable, conceding the previous Playboy centerfold’s medication mishandle was crazy and cases she at last kicked the bucket of a ‘broken heart’.

Likewise, the man asserts his manager anticipated her own particular demise the earlier night, revealing to him her dead child was “calling” to her and that she would soon be close by.

Be that as it may, Brighthaupt, 48, concedes the star was “empowered” to manhandle tranquilizes by her dear companions, including himself.

The Miami-based firefighter and paramedic, stated: ‘She resembled a sister to me. She was the most cherishing and minding individual I have ever met.

‘Despite the fact that it was ten years prior, regardless I haven’t completely dealt with her passing.

‘I attempted my best to help her in her last days and stand out enough to be noticed however she declined it. She had a gathering of us around her and everything we did was empower her conduct.

‘It took me ten years to acknowledge it however I was an empowering agent. We empower these stars. We empower individuals that have power and we think they are greater than life however we can’t control the compelling force of nature.

‘Despite everything I have dreams about that day and I am spooky by the minute I saw her disappearing.’

Smith’s sudden passing shook the universe of showbiz, started a few court cases, paternity tests, paranoid ideas, open spats and left many dear companions attempting to revamp their lives.

Playboy demonstrate Smith rose to newspaper acclaim in the wake of wedding extremely rich person oil big shot J. Howard Marshall, who she had initially met at a Houston strip club in 1993.

The wheelchair-bound 89-year-old kicked the bucket one year later and Smith was marked a gold-digger when she left on a lawful case to get to his $400million bequest.

The case proceeded past her demise yet was in the end tossed out.

The amble demonstrate went ahead to leave on a film and television profession showing up and featuring in various fizzled motion pictures and was even given her own existence appear.

She cocked eyebrows in 2006 when she moved to the Bahamas with her company, including bodyguard Brighthaupt and her attorney – and later accomplice – Howard K. Stern.

In September that year she brought forth little girl Dannielynn, yet after three days her child Daniel passed on while going to them in healing center. The 20-year-old endured an inadvertent overdose of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro.

Amid his memorial service, upset Smith even attempted to bounce in his box. Brighthaupt said she never recuperated from the catastrophe.

‘Anna’s just genuine shake was her child Daniel,’ he said. ‘She was so youthful when she had him that they for all intents and purposes grew up together. They were indivisible.

‘Her heart was really broken when he passed on and I don’t think she at any point grappled with it. If not for her little girl Dannielynn, I think she would have kicked the bucket much sooner. She most likely would not have even kept going seven days.

‘There were times after his passing when she thought he was as yet alive. She would wake up and ask where he was, truly trusting he was still with her.

‘We would then need to disclose to her that he was gone and she would be hit with that terrible misery once more. It was unpleasant to see her like that. As much as I point the finger at myself as well as other people for her demise, I don’t think she could have been spared from the torment she felt subsequent to losing Daniel.’

Days after the fact, she traded promises with Stern, who asserted to be Dannielynn’s dad, in a ‘dedication service’ on a watercraft off the island of New Fortune.

Five months after Daniel’s passing, Smith traveled to the U.S. what’s more, registered with room 607 at the Seminole Hard Shake Gambling club in Hollywood, Florida with Stern.

Brighthaupt, who was close by as ever, said the model was a hysterical figure, popping professionally prescribed medicine ‘like sweet’ and as yet declining to acknowledge her child’s passing.

She was experiencing pneumonia following a startling occurrence in the Bahamas where she about suffocated in a swimming pool.

More than three appalling days at the lodging she went frame awful to more terrible, as she combat dreams and melancholy while bringing down handfuls if nor several solution pills.

‘She was taking a wide range of meds, it was truly terrible,’ reviewed Brighthaupt. ‘She was taking influenza meds, meds to rest, meds for despondency and she was taking a great deal.

‘She once demonstrated to me a pot of 30 pills and she disclosed to me she needed to take that four times each day.’

Smith unintentionally overdosed on no less than nine physician recommended drugs – including intense rest syrup chloral hydrate she was known to drink out of the container – following a hopeless most recent couple of days in which she persevered stomach influenza, a 105-degree fever, overwhelming sweating and a contamination on her rump from rehashed infusions.

At a certain point her fever achieved an amazing 105F be that as it may, as indicated by Brighthaupt, Stern declined to release her to healing center inspired by a paranoid fear of being envisioned by the paparazzi.

He said they were compelled to put Smith in a shower of chilly water in a urgent offered to chill her off, and it appeared to work quickly.

That night she had a hunch and said her child Daniel was ‘calling her’.

Brighthaupt stated: ‘She let me know, “Daniel is calling me, he is isolated and he says he is terrified. He says he needs his mom and I should be with him. It is the ideal opportunity for me to be with him.”‘

‘So I reacted and stated, “You simply must be solid”. I disclosed to her this was not the time.

‘She was having a feeling. I think all she at any point needed to do was be with her child and she would get to him regardless.

‘She had different scenes like that, she generally envisioned Daniel was calling her. Now and then she would simply gaze into the separation and say she was conversing with Daniel.’

On February 8, Smith was left in her inn live with Brighthaupt’s significant other Tasma, who was an enlisted nurture, and a companion, while Brighthaupt ran errands and Stern went to purchase a vessel for the couple.

Brighthaupt claims he had been gone only 45 minutes when he got a call from his better half saying Anna was oblivious. He surged back to the lodging and urgently started to direct CPR while a rescue vehicle arrived.

Emotional video film indicated paramedics proceeding to take a shot at her as they wheeled her into a rescue vehicle outside the inn.

Regardless of every one of their endeavors, she didn’t make it.

Brighthaupt stated: ‘I got to her and she was totally limp however her body still had a considerable measure of warmth, so I felt there was still expectation.

‘I think I was giving CPR and mouth to mouth for more than 10 minutes before the emergency vehicle arrived.

‘My first idea was, “Gracious God, what has Howard (Stern) given you” however then I went into autopilot and just urgently attempted to keep her alive.

‘I rode with her in the emergency vehicle and they went through a hour with her yet they couldn’t restore her. I was the main individual with her, I figure I was the main family she had at the time.

‘So I went into the doctor’s facility space to state a petition for her.’

Smith was raced to Commemoration Provincial Healing facility at 2:10pm and the previous Playboy Mate of the Year was articulated dead instantly a while later at 2:49pm.

In a point by point dissection report, Broward Area Therapeutic Inspector Dr. Joshua Perper found that in the days paving the way to her demise, Smith had been taking a lot of chloral hydrate, which likewise added to the 1962 overdose passing of her venerated image, Marilyn Monroe, and also different remedies.

Police found no evident indications of injustice, and the therapeutic analyst likewise controlled Smith’s passing most likely was not a suicide.

Contributing elements incorporated her debilitated condition from a stomach influenza and fever brought on by a discharge filled contamination on her posterior from rehashed infusion of different medications.

Brighthaupt, however, censures himself as well as other people for not driving Smith far from sedate mishandle.

‘I consider parts individuals around Anna committed some huge errors. However, we as a whole empowered her,’ he said.

‘In the event that I needed to pick one individual who caused her the most mischief I would need to state it was Howard yet I do trust he adored her and did not plan to cause her damage.’

Different court cases took after her passing, from her entombment place to the paternity of her little girl.

She was in the long run covered in Nassau in the Bahamas by Daniel, against her family’s underlying wishes, and, in a question with Stern, picture taker Larry Birkhead was observed to be Dannielynn’s dad because of a DNA test.

Brighthaupt, who has two grown up youngsters and still fills in as low maintenance as a bodyguard, is attempting to proceed onward with his life yet is still tormented by that portentous day.

He stated: ‘I consider it consistently, “What more would I be able to have done?”

‘I think at last what we truly expected to do was shield her from herself and that was something we as a whole neglected to do. We as a whole need to assume liability for what happened to her.

He included: ‘I have attempted to proceed onward however that day is dependably there waiting at the back of my psyche.’

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