Man ‘dismembered the mother of his one-year-old daughter then scattered her remains across Louisiana and Oklahama in a pink suitcase’

Police on Thursday captured a man who they accept killed and dismantled the mother of his kid after she disappeared with their one-year-old little girl a weekend ago.

Ashley Mead and her one-year-old little girl disappeared a weekend ago, and Stone police examining the vanishing have uncovered that they trusted she was executed at that point eviscerated crosswise over state lines.

Adam Densmore, the father of her kid, was captured on doubt of first-degree kill in Oklahoma when he was discovered only a couple of miles far from where human stays of a female were found close to a Walmart dumpster in Tulsa, announced the Day by day Camera.

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Video kindness of CBS Denver:

Those incomplete remains have been probably distinguished as the 25-year-old Mead in view of perceptions made amid an examination.

Police are presently requesting general society’s assistance in finding whatever remains of her remaining parts, which might be in a purple bag.

They trust her remaining parts will be ‘somewhere close to Louisiana and Oklahoma,’ as per Police Boss Joe Prentice, in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, revealed the Day by day Camera.

‘We might want to discover, recuperate whatever remains of the body, and give the family some conclusion also,’ Prentice said in a news meeting on Friday.

Police trust that Densmore left Stone on Sunday and headed to Raton, New Mexico, through the Texas beg, before landing in Haughton, Louisiana. It is trusted that he at that point drove through Conway, Arkensas and Okmulgee before being captured close Tulsa.

The missing one-year-old, Winter Daisy Mead, was with Densmore, however was not harmed. She is presently with a non-permanent family in Oklahoma.

The mother-girl combine were accounted for missing Tuesday morning, however it is trusted that they disappeared throughout the end of the week.

Police trust some of Mead’s remaining parts might be in a purple bag, and have discharged a picture of comparable baggage.

Densmore stays in authority and is being held without bond in Oklahoma. He has no criminal history in Colorado, and there have been no remarks on a conceivable rationale, revealed the Every day Camera.

He will be exchanged to the Rock Province Correctional facility in the following 10 days, and will be charged there.

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