Pack of up to 15 ‘out of control’ hunting dogs are accused of killing a fox in a back garden on a quiet street leaving elderly residents frightened to go outside

Chasing canines have been blamed for murdering a fox in a back garden when they were spotted running down a private road.

The pack having a place with Cheshire Woodland Chase kept running down a street in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and were seen sniffing around inhabitants’ front patio nurseries.

In a stunning video, the four puppies, which were off their leads, kept running down a path into a back garden.

They were being shepherded by seekers on quad bicycles.

Activists posted photos of the dead fox via web-based networking media after the chase had gone through.

Edwina Church, 47, told the Manchester Nightly News: ‘Anarchy broke out. There was a surge of puppies going through our garden into nearby.

‘We had 15 of them hopping around in our garden.

‘Many individuals on this street are elderly. They were unnerved to turn out.’

Mrs Church said her mom, 82, was stunned when she saw the chasing pooches in the city.

Cheshire Police posted on Facebook: ‘A fox has been recuperated and officers are proceeding to get confirmation to empower them to explore this altogether.’

Director Pete Crowcroft stated: ‘We have expert officers working with the RSPCA on the examination.

‘I comprehend the inhabitants who saw the occasions were left distressed and I need to promise them that we are altogether researching issues.’

The chase additionally gone through a field with pregnant dairy animals.

Agriculturist Andrew Kidd said Huntmaster Richard Garton apologized to him via telephone.

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