Woman, 51, ‘repeatedly slashed her boyfriend with a decorative Samurai-style sword she grabbed off the wall’

A lady has been captured in Connecticut after police say she over and again cut her beau with a Samurai-style sword amid a warmed local debate.

Juanita Bentley, 51, was arrested in New London on Friday night and imprisoned on charges of first-degree strike, foolhardy peril and rupture of peace.

As indicated by a public statement from the New London Police Office, officers reacted to a condo at 70 Farmington Road at around 11.44pm in the wake of getting a 911 call revealing a household unsettling influence.

Juanita Bentley’s beau told agents that he and the lady were having a contention, which heightened to the point where his better half requested him to leave the loft.

At the point when the man neglected to clear the premises sufficiently quick, he said Bentley got an improving Samurai-style sword from a divider and continued to slice him on his back and arms as he fled.

The draining casualty kept running for help to a neighbor who called 911 to summon police. He was then taken to a region healing facility to be dealt with for non-life-undermining wounds.

When police landed to capture Juanita Bentley, the lady had professedly cleaned the wrongdoing scene, yet reacting officers were purportedly ready to recuperate some physical confirmation.

Bentley was hung on $10,000 money security throughout the end of the week.

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