Justice for Brad’s Wife! Trolls boycott Cracker Barrel and harass chain online after man’s Facebook post about his waitress wife being fired after 11 years goes viral

It would seem that Wafer Barrel has an advertising bad dream staring its in the face.

Bradley Reid left a one-star survey on the Croydon, Indiana, Wafer Barrel Facebook page prior this month, inquiring as to why his better half Nanette had been let go following 11 years.

Reid’s situation soon snowballed online with thousands requesting equity for her benefit as the hashtag #BradsWife started drifting.

Bradley Reid initially posted a tirade on his on Facebook page in late February, saying he was ‘p***ed off’ that his better half had been let go following 11 years.

He composed: ‘I might truly want to know why and those of you who know me nowadays, realize that I WILL discover.

‘Meanwhile, if any of you might want to know additionally, please go to their Facebook page and ask them. I would truly welcome it.’

He composed a couple of extra posts in the next days, and posted a brief survey on the eatery’s Facebook page on Walk 6.

It read: ‘You let go my better half following 11 years. That was not extremely pleasant. She is a decent individual and it truly makes me dismal that she is harmed.’

YouTube entertainer Amiri Lord shared the posts internet, composing: ‘There is a flat out s***show going ahead at the Wafer Barrel Old Nation Store facebook page.’

Ruler additionally asserted Nanette was let go on her better half’s birthday – which Brad later said was false – and the story circulated around the web.

Ruler’s post has been shared more than 123,000 times, and the hashtags #BradsWife and #JusticeforBradsWife started drifting.

The Saltine Barrel page was overflowed with poor audits from individuals requesting a clarification. Others reported hello were boycotting the chain eatery and store.

Web-based social networking posting on the Saltine Barrel Facebook page has proceeded without an affirmation of Brad’s better half.

Yet, web trolls won’t let the issue go, posting remarks underneath posts about hotcakes or bacon, demanding things have gone downhill at the eatery since Brad’s better half was terminated.

A request of on Change.org got more than 21,000 marks and the Saltine Barrel Wikipedia page was quickly altered to state ‘70,000 less brad’s better half’ under ‘Number of representatives’.

Brad still has not gotten notification from the organization about a month since his initially post, however has offered his thanks for the help he discovered on the web.

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