Former Victoria’s Secret model Stephanie Seymour has drunk driving and other charges erased from her record after completing a yearlong rehab program for first-time offenders

Previous supermodel Stephanie Seymour has had two smashed driving charges and a sidestepping duty charge eradicated from her record in Connecticut subsequent to finishing a yearlong program that included treatment for liquor mishandle.

The charges were expelled Tuesday amid a hearing in Stamford Prevalent Court.

The 48-year-old previous Victoria’s Mystery and Games Delineated model did not show up in court.

She said in an announcement given by her legal counselor that she was thankful ‘this appalling occasion’ had found some conclusion.

She composed: ‘I trust that individuals can gain from this.’

Her attorney, Phillip Russell, declined to remark further.

‘She is thankful for the chance to be dealt with as a first-time guilty party and she was appreciative for the rejection,’ he told the court. ‘She trusts other individuals can gain from the exposure that this disastrous occasion has conveyed to her.’

In 2016, a Connecticut judge said her charges would be endless supply of a state restoration program for first-time guilty parties, the Stamford Advocate reported.

The program included liquor manhandle treatment, participation at AA gatherings and gatherings with inebriated driving mischance casualties.

Police say Seymour supported her restricted version Land Wanderer Evoque into a Mercedes Benz on the slope for leave 5 of Interstate 95 in the place where she grew up of Greenwich in January 2016.

Police said she declined to take a balance test and possessed an aroma similar to liquor.

She additionally was accused of colliding with an utility post, snapping it and leaving the scene close to her home soon thereafter.

Amid an April 2016 court appearance, she said she was embarrassed about her activities.

Seymour lives in Greenwich, a suburb of New York City, with her very rich person spouse Subside Brant.

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