A flutter on freedom: Ostrich makes a desperate attempt to run away from a Chinese farm but trips over and falls flat on its face

This ostrich made a frantic endeavor to flee from a Chinese ranch, yet stumbled over and bit the dust.

Locating its possibility at opportunity, the seven-foot winged animal dashed onto a street in China’s Shanwei, Guangdong Area taken after by a gathering of agriculturists hot in interest.

Be that as it may, in the wake of endeavoring to hop into a field the fledgling lost its balance and tumbled onto the ground.

Its followers can be heard chuckling as the fowl falls in a dust storm.

Grown-up ostriches can achieve a most extreme speed of 70mph, so the fledgling in the video would have had a decent shot at getting away from its proprietor.

In any case, it was not ready to take to the skies to escape as the fowls are flightless.

As indicated by nearby media reports, the ostrich was come back to its ranch subsequent to being captured. The video was shot on Tuesday, April 4.

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