“It is not just Jarvis

“It is not just Jarvis Private contracting undermines railroad security what’s more, it needs to be finished now ”
Richard Bowker, executive of the Key Rail Specialist said he was “incandescent” about the impact of the most recent debate on the notoriety of the railways
Author Nina Bawden, whose 75-year-old spouse Austen Kark passed on in the Potters Bar rail crash, talked of her “anger what’s more, rage ”
Ms Bawden, 77, from Islington, north London, who has been a high-profile commentator of Jarvis, said she was too irate with the Government
“I’m not surprised I don’t know how they’ve been induced to concede it My response is that it’s about time Jarvis conceded obligation for the Potters Bar crash “

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