Dashcam appears startling head-on crash

Startling film appearing a sentenced drug-dealer swerve onto the off-base side of the street what’s more, furrow into an approaching auto has been caught on a dashcam.
Tyler Heycox lost control of his Toyota Rav4 what’s more, crushed into a Toyota Hilux on the Lords Parkway at Monga, New South Ridges on December 27, the Day by day Broadcast reported.
A dashcam inside the Hilux being driven by Stuart McIntyre with his 16-year-old child what’s more, 13-year-old girl in the auto appears Heycox cross the focus line some time recently the horrendous crash.
Mr McIntyre’s adolescent little girl can be heard shouting as the autos crunch together.
Airbags burst open inside the Hilux as the affect of the crush thumps the dashcam over.
Heycox, 35, was charged with careless driving what’s more, given a fine after the head-on collision.
In September he was included in another mishap were he professedly fell sleeping some time recently driving into the way an approaching truck.
Mr McIntyre said on the off chance that the family were in a littler auto the ‘outcome would have been catastrophic’.
‘Given the earnestness of the mischance what’s more, potential misfortune of life, we felt at minimum the driver ought to have confronted a officer to clarify his actions,’ he said.
‘It makes me irate what’s more, tragic that drivers who act like this proceed to be on our roads.’
Mr McIntyre said Heycox didn’t tell police his name or, on the other hand address yet they perceived him from later street accidents.
Heycox spent two a long time behind bars for trafficking methampetamine what’s more, bliss on the Gold Coast.
The crash in Monga happened just one day after Home what’s more, Away on-screen character Jessica Falkholt was included in a destroying crash which slaughtered her as well as her father, mother what’s more, sister.
Craig Whitall had handfuls of earlier driving offenses what’s more, was on his way home from a methadone center at the point when he crushed into the Falkholt’s auto on the NSW south coast.

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